Thursday, October 8, 2015

Off being Awkward! (For reals)

Hey, True Believers! Just wanted to let you all know that we are off being awkward. Like really far off. Like on the other side of the forest. Like 8 more analogies but I'm tired and the thesaurus is all the way across the room. So, mostly, like I am probably gonna take a big ol' break from blogging off. I kinda have been, all unofficial-like, but I thought it might be nice to tell you all that. Not that I think you are all dying for my next post or something. It's just that we've all kinda been on this journey together. This awkward, ambling, awesome, and astonishing journey. And I don't want to leave you all just hanging out in the middle of the forest, wondering when I am going to come back. I don't know if I'm coming back. There's a village over here, past the trees, and it's nice and lively and warm. I think I am gonna stay over here for awhile, out of the dark internet forest.

Be assured, it's nothing dramatic or exciting. It's just feels like it's time to be finished with this. Maybe it was an Ann Arbor thing. Maybe losing those As just knocked my alliteration game off and nothing will bring it back. Plus, I think I might be losing my awkward touch. I didn't trip once at pick-up yesterday and I actually made dinner last night. No smoke alarms, either. I know, right? Crazy.

Whatever it is, I just need to stop doing this right now and I wanted to let you know that and tell you that I don't think I would have gotten through those wild early parenting years without you all. I've never been a lone wolf superhero, always needed to be part of a team. So, thanks for being part of my team!

Now, don't be sad and please remember that comic book goodbyes aren't forever. No one ever dies in the comics; there are plenty of Lazarus Pits, magic, loopholes, made-up science, and selective memory just strewn all about the place. Give us a couple years, an inker we like, and a story line that warrants it, and we'll be back. Awkwardier than ever! (We're gonna brush up on our grammar before we come back though. No worries.)

See ya round the park, Readers!
I'm always happy to share my snacks!
And, if I really like you, my gossip!  

I'm not gonna take this blog down. I'm gonna leave it up like boxes and boxes of back issues. You know, for nostalgia trips and to shame me into eventually finishing all four of those baby books. So, feel free to poke around if you like awkward antics and adventures. And let's be real, everybody likes those.