Wednesday, February 10, 2016

We're Back. Sorta.

To say we walked into the vet office would be overly generous. We fell in, plopped into the middle of the waiting room and then scattered in all directions like a litter of puppies. The staff herded us into an examination room, terror written all over their faces, and these are people who are bitten regularly. Once safely secreted away from the more sedate animal parents, the following happened, pretty much all at once.

1. Super Kitty emerged from her carrier, bounced up to the exam table, and attempted to burrow into the vet tech in an effort to get away from her human siblings.

2. Super Preschooler loudly announced her desire to have a dog, while draping herself with the sample leashes on display by the door, like an insane diva.

3. This set Super Kindergardener into a fit of epic proportions because he is terrified of dogs.

4. The fight between them went like this: "I Hate Dogs!" "Well, I LOVE Dogs!" "Super Kitty doesn't want a dog!" "I don't care, I do!" "You should care! She's sick, you heartless meanie!" "You're heartless! I want a dog!" This went on forever. Or three minutes. And at decibels only dogs and exhausted mothers can hear. I eventually had to side with Super K., and Super P. pouted with typical aplomb, after shedding all the leashes onto the floor.

5. During Dog War III, Super Baby managed to climb into the car carrier and I was only alerted to this fact by the vet tech quietly asking, "Should he be in there?" The following extraction was not pleasant for anyone and Super Baby perched on the carrier like an angry wraith for the rest of the visit.

Awkward Mom is back in the saddle! And by that, we mean regularly falling out of the saddle. Things are typically awkward and crazy over here, so we are not sure if regular blogging is gonna happen. However, small peeks into our cheerful insanity over on our Facebook page are more likely, so pop on over there if you get a chance. Unless you are one of the good people who gave it up for Lent........

See you soon! Same Awkward Time, Same Awkward Channel. No, wait, not this channel. The other channel. Didn't we just go through this? Come on, Awkward Mom. Get it together!