Friday, April 15, 2011

Awkward Mom vs. Boxes

Awkward Mom has unpacked 51 boxes and can't exactly feel her arms, so you know what this means. Pictorial blog entry!

Dearest Readers! How are you? It feels like it has been a year! Moving is such a crafty villain; making time totally irrelevant and well, then, there are his other 198 evil powers to consider. But no matter! We have vanquished him. Mostly. Awkward Dad's office is a whole different level of moving villain, one I am choosing to ignore for the moment. And for many a few weeks, months. Let me be honest, you never really know how long Evil Mess in Awkward Dad's Office will hang around.

So, wanna know how the move went? It went very well; we were a total super team this move! That has never happened before. Usually, it is me and Awkward Dad lugging things around at a snail's pace, while swearing at each other and trying really hard not to lose a cat or child in the process. This time we were joined by Awesome Dad (moving team leader), Awkward Uncle (team work horse), and Excellent Dad (team marathoner, with extra super powers involving carrying 2 boxes at once). It was insane, readers. I would turn around and half my house would be gone. The Awesome-mobile assisted admirably and we were moved in record time. I can't begin to thank our Super Moving Team enough!

Now, the unpacking has fallen to me, and it isn't going as quickly. But wanna see my progress? Here it it:

Original Living Room.

Current Living Room. (Ignore the car seats...Awkward Dad won't put them back for some unknown reason)

Original Nursery.

Current Nursery. Sleeping Super Toddler is merely a bonus.

51 empty boxes. (I have already rehomed 10 of them!)

So, readers, Awkward Mom continues her mighty battle against unpacking! And soon, we will be back to normal around here. Super Toddler has a few tales for you, featuring ghost princesses, cloud dragons, and the ever faithful fireflies. The Super Boys are now attending a weekly class, and you know the awkward will be flowing there. Plus, we are traveling to the Ancestral Awkward Home for Easter; eggs, bunnies, and surprises, oh my! See you next time on the Adventures of Awkward Mom!

Super Baby never misses a chance to conquer (aka climb) clutter!

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