Monday, June 13, 2011

Awkward Mom vs. Blogging

Well, readers, it appears that Awkward Mom has been beaten once and for all. It seems she just doesn't have it in her to blog regularly anymore. Things are just too busy or she is just too creatively blocked, who knows. But the reality is, she doesn't want to leave this blog hanging out there like some unfinished thought. We here in Awkwardland think it is super awkward when bloggers leave their blogs for months at a time with no new content, and that is awkward in a bad way, folks. Blogs should be updated regularly, that's our rule. As this seems impossible for Awkward Mom right now, we are gonna sign off for good in the next few weeks. Wanted to let the three people who read this to know that, so they don't think there is a glitch or the Internet ate us or something. Most of you know us personally anyway, so you are sure to hear it if anything truly deliciously awkward happens. For anyone who may have stumbled in here on accident; hi there, bye there, and don't worry about your awkward moments. Awkward Mom's got you beat with the bounce house incident hands down.

News Flash!!
So..........we may have been too hasty. Since we spoke last, there has been a huge lecture from Awkward Dad, in which big guns like "creative integrity" and "patience is a virtue" and a near complete line reading of the "the nobody-calls-me-chicken" sequence from Back to the Future II were used to his advantage....don't ask. Upon some reflection and with the blinding awareness that no one calls her a chicken, Awkward Mom has reconsidered her decision to completely cave to blogging. She may not be very regular in posting, but she will try. It isn't like things haven't been awkward around here; it is pool season after all and the pool has a villainous group known only as the "bikini brigade." We'll regroup and we'll back, just not sure when. Please stay tuned as Awkward Mom navigates motherhood and the even more awkward world of blogging about motherhood!

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