Sunday, October 2, 2011

Awkward Mom vs. the Mini-Van

We regret that we must interrupt your regularly scheduled program with this urgent announcement: The Awkward Family now has a Mini-Van! Just to be clear, we don't regret that. Just the interrupting. We shall return you to your regularly scheduled programming just as soon as Awkward Mom stops looking at Wonderwall on MSN.....might be awhile. Here are some pictures of the new Awkward-Mobile to tide you over!

Same make and color as the old Awkward-Mobile. We tried to convince Super Preschooler that we used magic to "grow" the car. He wanted to know why it took all day then. Never try to pull the wool over his magical eyes.

A whole row all to least until November.

Just noticed those keys there.....nice one, Awkward Dad.

Giving the steering wheel a kiss. The fact that while kissing the steering wheel he blew the horn so loud that it brought all our neighbors to the windows still does not affect the cuteness.

Here's to many an adventure in the new Awkward-Mobile!

(And yes, there are already Goldfish and Cheerios on the floor...)

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  1. Yaaaaay!! Although personally, I can't wait til I get to see you driving it. When will I have that privilege? :D