Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Awkward Mom vs. Photos

No sleep. Breakfasts that consist of diet Pepsi and Candy Canes. Weird crusty stuff in one's hair, at all times. Accidentally answering the talking toys like they are phones. Never really locating the source of that smell. Deciding to blog in picture form because the words you are typing all blur together. Welcome to Awkward Mom....3.0.

So, I decide to take a picture of all three of my children; to capture the exhilarating joy and heartwarming charm of life with 3 little superheros. A photographic treasure by way of Norman Rockwell meeting Hallmark in the von Trapp mansion (minus the Nazis). Just a tiny time capsule of sweetness to brighten the dark winter ahead.

Yeah.........Here is what actually happened:

Well, 2 outta 3 aint bad. We are thinking of framing the last one, despite the presence of rouge maracas and bug eyes.

And no, we have no defense for why Super Toddler looks like a member of Our Gang.

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