Sunday, November 4, 2012

Awkward Mom vs. Funerals

No, Awkward Mom doesn't battle funerals. Or even at funerals. She is awkward, not morbid. She is also 15 years too old to be gothy. Of course, I suppose Goths won't be battling funerals really. They seem like funerals might be their idea of a good time, might even use them as their secret lairs, like coffin benchs and control tables, purple candles and whatnot....hmmm, seem to be getting a little lost here. What was I saying?

So, we had to travel back home for a funeral, very unexpectedly, the day after Halloween. Like throwing stuff in a bag, calling the Awesomes to watch the Super Cats (thanks, guys!), and taking off for Chicago at 9pm. Funeral was at 10am the next morning, which lead to family stuff. And more family stuff. And, wait for it, yes, even more family stuff. We got back today. Yep, totally awkward, per usual. The Supers were amazing through it all, but I think Awkward Dad's promise of, "Hey, behave like angels and I will take you to Legoland" might have had something to do with it.

Dang it; follow-through just happens to be an Awkward Dad super-power.
We'll be back to tell you all about it, after we recover. About a dozen Awkward funerals aren't nearly as wearing on the parenting super-powers than room upon room of super-charged children, small chokable legos, and something called an Earthquake table. Off to take a 3 day nap, see you soon!

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