Monday, June 3, 2013

Awkward Mom vs. Summer Bucket Lists

Kicking it is really the only thing Awkward Mom knows to do with a bucket, so this should be a challenge....

My ally, Reading Mom, was blogging today about summer bucket lists and I was intrigued. The only thing I know about bucket lists is that scions of the silver screen tend to favor them. Apparently, Reading Mom's summer bucket list is a list of things she hopes to achieve this summer with her kids. Hers is fun, balanced, and utterly impressive in scope. So, naturally, mine will be something slightly less impressive and more...umm...what's the word I am looking is right there on the tip of my tongue....wait for it....could it be.....maybe.....AWKWARD!

Awkward Mom's Bucket List of Awkward Summer Happenings:

1. Actually use our pool pass at least twice a week, and not just every day of the last week the pool is open, like last year.

2. Bravely take off the cover-up and play with the children in the pool, regardless of how many Perfect Moms are there in bikinis. You can't teach the Supers healthy self-esteem and being OK with imperfection if you act like a moody 13-year-old wallflower at a dance.

3. Go to the zoo at least once.

4. Avoid actually buying overpriced zoo lemonade. And not by just not going to the zoo; that is cheating.

5. Weed Super Preschooler's garden. Do it at night if necessary, as Super Preschooler tends toward St. Francis in his love for all things flora and fauna and currently won't allow the "beautiful" weeds to be removed under his watchful sight.

6. Take a daily family walk.

7. Try not to complain too much on said walk when Super Baby takes 800 years to walk 1 block because she has to smell every flower, collect 16 rocks, attempt to climb a rose bush, start walking with a different family, take a 10-minute break every third lawn, lose her shoe 8 houses back, eat some sidewalk chalk, freak out when a stray cat doesn't want a hug, and generally be a 18-month-old on a walk.

8. Slides!

Also, buy Super Baby some sandals.
Dirty-white-socks is not how I want her remembered at the park.

9. Go to Greenfield Village at least twice a month and at least once during their turn-of-the-century baseball games. Try to stay awake during these and not roll eyes too much as Awkward Dad loses his mind with excitement and educates us all with archaic rules and dated antidotes. Do not sarcastically suggest that he don a uniform and take to the field, because he will and the man has enough hobbies.

10. Make a trek to the Ancestral Awkward Homestead at least once. Gotta work on getting a horse-lover for Awkward Grandma.

11. Daily freezie-pops.

12. Be fashionable at all times, regardless of heat or stares:

Everyone else is just jealous of the natural Awkward style anyway.

13. Be lazy sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean, daily, perhaps hourly. Lists are all well and good, but this is our last summer before Super Preschooler becomes Super Kindergartener. There is no sense of accomplishment worth rushing these precious moments when he is still young enough to like my kisses, to think I have most of the answers, and to enjoy spending time with us rather than in the wide wild world that can wait for him just a little bit longer.

14. Have an honest-to-goodness picnic. Not just a box of Cheezits and 1 orange on a towel in the front yard.

15. Basically, end every day like this:

Tall order, but I think we might be up for it!
Well, we are listed-up and off to kick that bucket. Wait....that didn't come out right....
Anyone out there have a summer bucket list? Wanna share so we can shamelessly steal off of it for better ideas than these?


  1. Great bucket list - especially like Item 10. LOL

    1. I figured you would like number 10..... :)

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! :) I think I may need to add #4 to my list! Thanks for the shout out!

    1. You inspired it; glad you approve. :) I will shout you out anytime, which doesn't sound right but I think you get what I am saying. :)

      Zoo lemonade gets me every time!!

  3. I love your list!! :) On a side note, i'm very slim (the size you probably roll your eyes at.. lol!) and I have a hard time not "covering up" as well. You'd never catch me in a bikini... especially with kids! How so unpractical! lol! I'm pretty modest and would prefer swim shorts & a tank truth be told.

    1. I think wearing a bikini sounds insane whatever one's body looks like; they are not practical, you are so right. I am on a journey to be ok with my body whatever it looks like; slim or full, we women are forever judged (by each other and by ourselves) by our appearances and I so don't want to pass that on to my kids. So, no, I would not roll my eyes at you at all! We are all beautiful. :)

  4. Wow, to me your bucket list looks pretty epic! Mine is: #1 Give birth. #2 Figure out how to make it out of the house with both kids. Pretty ambitious, no?

    Ahh, I remember the smell-every-flower phase. I kind of miss it, since Katie is now in a flat-out-sprint-all-the-way-to-the-park phase. Needless to say, I'm letting her walk with Dada or Grammy these days...

    I hope you accomplish everything on your list! Good luck with the zoo lemonade!!!

    1. I think that #1 on your list is enough. #2 took me at least a year, so no need to rush it. :)

      Yikes! I think I would faint if she ran...but I know it is coming.

      And I need all the help I can get with zoo gets me every time!