Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Awkward Mom vs. Summer

I am battling my old foe, Holy-Crap-How-Why-When-Did-Summer-Start-Where-is-the-Sunscreen-and-Why-is-that-Woman-Wearing-a-Bikini-at-the-Pool-While-holding-a-Baby-Please-Tell-Me-she-is-the-Nanny-of-Course-she-isn't-the-Nanny-Why-is-this-Towel-Sticky-I-hate-Popsicles-Speaking-of-Popsicles-I-am-Melting-Seriously-Where-is-the-Sunscreen.

He usually just goes by Summer.

At least Super Toddler seems to like him.

We are off to celebrate the beginning of summer at Awkward Grandma's place. She has a horse. Super Toddler is horse obsessed. There will be adventures. Back at ya with those super soon, Readers. Stay cool!

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