Monday, September 8, 2014

Awkward Mom vs. Music Choice

Today I dropped off my baby girl at preschool for the first time ever. The feisty one, the daring darling, the firecracker who is most likely to break a bone before all the rest. It was traumatic; for me. She half-waved at me with a look that radiated "why haven't you left yet? I have trouble to cause." I'll blog more about it later, if I am feeling strong.

Point is, at 9:32 this morning, I had groceries to buy, an hour and a half to kill, and only 2 kids. I tucked those 2 into their car seats, got in my own seat, and turned the engine on. The Frozen soundtrack, that is on repeat in our van at all times, sprang to life and Elsa continued to bellow for me to let it go. I did and promptly burst into tears. And then this happened:

Super Preschooler: Hey Mom!
Me: Sniff, sniff. Yes?
Super P.: Since Super 1st and Super T. aren't with us this morning, do you think we could change this to something else?
Me: Sure, Honey.
Super P.: Don't tell them, but I really don't like Frozen.
Me: OK, that's cool. I don't really love it all the time either. What would you like?
Super P.: (whispered conversation with Super Baby)
Me: You guys decided?
Super P.: We would like something with a beat.
Me: A beat?
Super P.: Yes, we have some drumming to do.
Me: OK. (I turn on the radio and hear that Johnny would be working on the dock but the union's been on strike.)
Super P.: Yes, this will do, what is this?
Me: This, my love, is Bon Jovi.
Super P.: So much better than Frozen, Mom! So much better.

So much better.

Well, well. It looks like our Monday and Wednesday morning are gonna be rockin' from now on!
That should get me through missing Super Toddler just fine!
That face in the rearview isn't hurting things either.....


  1. ooooh, sounds fun!! I toy with the idea of downloading a few of the frozen songs, but I think I am glad I didn't. In our car, various muppet soundtracks are on repeat.

    1. I wish we had the muppet soundtrack!! I would switch between that and Bon Jovi then.

  2. Whoooooaa, we're halfway there…GREAT music choice! "This will do" indeed!
    Today was Katie's first day of preschool too!!! I managed not to cry, but of course I awkwarded it up by being the only parent who didn't figure out that we're supposed to send the kids with a lunch. Gah.
    The Frozen songs are the musical equivalent of crack. I didn't want to like them but I CAN'T STOP SINGING them. (Not that I have any personal experience with crack…you understand!)
    Glad you had rockin' tunes and killer smiles to get you through Super T's first day! :)

    1. Frozen=Crack, totally makes sense to me. Who also has no experience with crack, mind you. :)