Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Awkward Mom vs. Judging

Dear Fellow Mom-

You have to admit it; that is one spectacular fit. When she did that spinning kicking move while totally on the ground, it looked just like a tiny toddler Curly shuffle. And her boneless move; well, that move is going to win awards, my Friend. Flawless. In the world arena of checkout lane fits, this one is definitely in the top ten; a true 10, out of the park homerun, touchdown, blaze of glory, and completely amazing to behold. And I don't blame her, M&Ms are my favorite too. But it is 9:25, so I don't blame you either. I wouldn't even blame you if you wanted to lay down next to her and throw a fit yourself; it is looking to be one of those days. And I know you think we are all staring at you and judging you. We're not.

OK, I might be staring, but it's with love, fellow Mom. The others? Well, the teens are texting, so you could be on Naboo for all they'll notice. That checker's seen it all and just wants her break and for the store to not already be playing Christmas music. That other mom, the perfect looking one in the skinny jeans and the Gucci purse? No judging there, her son pulled the same stunt earlier in the candy aisle so you missed it, just like you are missing the love she is shooting you between your daughter's screams. Those grandmas are judging nothing except maybe the cruel swiftness of time, as they restrain themselves from gathering the both of you up in their soft steely arms. I want to hug you too. Hug you tight and long, while I tell you the truth: You are doing a magnificent job, my dear fellow mom. Magnificent. Keep it up, we are all pulling for you. We love you. Even the teens; because if they bothered to look up, they would love you too. Who wouldn't love you? You're magnificent! We are not judging you. We are NOT judging you. We. Are. Not. Judging. You. We are loving you. You're pretty easy to love because you are magnificent. Remember: We Love You.

Love ya,
Awkward Mom

P.S. Still no judging if you buy those M&Ms and eat them all in the driver's seat after you strap her in and close all the car doors. Do what you gotta do.

No judging.
Just love. 


  1. I love that Karen shared your blog posts and now I can follow you. You're great!

    1. Thanks, Angel! You have a pretty neat blog there yourself!

  2. Awesome!

    I can so relate because the other day, I took Benjamin into Kroger for milk, grapes and bread and he screamed and cried the whole 8 minutes we were in the store. An older gentlemen gave me a look like "make your son be quiet." and I just smiled sweetly at the man and shrugged my shoulders like what are you going to do and went on about my day. It isn't the first time one of my children has acted out and it won't be the last. A mom has to do what a mom has to do.

    1. You keep on moming, Rachel! You are super good at it, no matter what looks you get from people who mistake Kroger for the library. :)

  3. Replies
    1. It's so funny that going viral is something positive that I should want. And I do! But if sounds like something we should all avoid at all costs....... :) Thank you, I really like this one too.