Friday, November 21, 2014

Awkward Mom vs. Disney World

Yes, it's true. Better get to packing the big guns. 

Thanksgiving is always awkward, even for you nice normal people out there. There is just too much food, family, and flag football for someone not to trip; it's inevitable. So, imagine trying to pull off a nice normal Thanksgiving when you are awkward. Yeah, doesn't happen. I mean, this is how things look around here on a good day.

Now, picture that at Disney World. 
With thousands and thousands of people. 
And me. Probably lost. And hungry. 
And deeply deeply awkward.

OK. Stop laughing. Got it? Come on, stop laughing. Alright, keep laughing. By the time you have stopped laughing, in a week and a half, I'll be back with tales of epic awkwardness. Probably from the spinning teacups.

P.S. Advice is very welcome, Readers, so bring it on. And yes, we do have one of those backpack leashes for Super Toddler.

I am sure she'll get out of it 2 minutes after we arrive, 
but it's existance is helping me sleeping at night. 


  1. I remember my mom talking about our first trip to Disney and how we kept begging to go back to the pool. So the advice is, don't be afraid to go back to the pool. Also, 30 years ago, all the movies at epcott were stand up movies. Don't try them when you are tired. - Catherine

    1. Wonderful advice! All of it! Of course, we never actually got to the pool, but next time, that is all I am doing. All.

  2. Having lived in Florida and made annual trips to Disney. Here's my suggestions

    1.Don't overpack, Don't Overpack, DON'T OVERPACK! Under pack and enjoy Florida .
    2. Pack an extra suitcase, you will bring home more stuff.
    3. Eat the continental breakfast. It will be your only meal until about 4pm. Take some rolls, Danishes, etc for the road. Kids don't get hungry parents do.
    3. Take the kids to the big gift shop near the hotel and purchase must get Disney items. (It's still cheaper ). Buy a light up, spinning, sword / cane/ wand / headband there for each kid. Helps you fund them in the dark !
    3. Make sandwiches for the adults and grab a couple lunchables. Kids will grab a bite and continue.
    4. Also while at Walgreens buy a couple rain coats. They are $8 for adults $6 for kids at disney and they won't last more than 2 days.
    5. Go to Downtown Disney its awesome and FREE ! Building Lego cars and racing against random people awesome !
    6. Magic kingdom, animal kingdom, and downtown disney are the most kid friendly.
    7. After 5 days of Disney you will be Disney 'd out. Try to make it to the holy land experience! Its in Orlando and really fun. Kid friendly too.
    Also you get to meet Jesus (an actor of course) and have communion with him.
    8. Place snack and drink items in a small backpack. Kid toys in a different small backpack.
    9.check the weather 2 days before. Its cooler in Orlando at night, pack a jacket. Buy the sweatshirt at the giftshop.

    10. Have a blast !


    1. Aljinae, thank you for this amazing advice!! I was rather out of the planning stage because my sister-in-law took us, so I didn't get to use all your advice, but I am saving it for next time. It was good enough that there will be a next time. :)