Thursday, July 23, 2015

Awkward Mom vs. the Milwaukee Zoo

Awkward Dad was going to a ball game with Awkward Uncle in Milwaukee, so we all decided to tag along. Not to the game, of course. It was Major League night and I'm awkward, not insane. No, we hung out in the hotel room, ate our weight in vending machine candy, and watched Storage Wars. (Ivy is our favorite.) The next day, we went to the zoo, with the rest of Milwaukee; it was cheap day, not raining, and, since there are rumors of a lion roaming the streets of northern Milwaukee, the zoo seemed the safest place to be. Upon reflection, I just might be awkward AND insane.

I'm too tired from our adventure to write much, so I declare PICTURE POST!

Let's get things off to an awkward start by all agreeing to 
NOT look at the camera for any pictures.
Deal? Deal. 

Super Baby's putting his hat on.
It's a party now.

So, if the cut-out is supposed to be the face of the shown body, 
what is going on with the big one? 
Is that person like a face-shaped growth on that poor cow's nose?

Getting ready for the fastest zoo train I have ever been on.
I almost lost my hat and one of the children on a particularly sharp curve. 

Super Baby waiting on the rest of us.
Super Baby waits for us a lot of the time. 
Always looking like a rather pleasant W.C. Fields.

Watching an elephant pee.
It was the highlight of the trip.

I think we are lost. 

2 Beauties. 

Super 1st likes heights. 

I'm kinda a fan too. 

Super Toddler wanted Pepper to gallop. 
Pepper politely declined.

Super Preschooler isn't sure about this development. 

Everyone was a tad nervous about the animatronic dinosaurs.
Including me.

I mean, we all know how Jurassic Park went down.

The only one unfazed was Super Baby.

So the plus side of the whole thing is 
that we think we have found a babysitter for him. 

Crazy fun adventure at the zoo; thanks, Milwaukee! 
Good luck catching that roaming lion! 


  1. I love Super Baby's expressions! That looks like a fun zoo. Thanks for sharing the pics with us! :)

    1. He makes pretty good face, I have to agree.
      It's a really fun zoo, but super big! Certainly not one you can see all of in one day with little kids. But the stuff we did see was super cool!

  2. I always wonder about the animatronic dinosaurs at the zoo. What is the point of those? The zoo is supposed to be for real animals. Pepper looks like she wishes that she could go home with lucy instead of staying at the zoo. -Catherine

    1. Yeah, I totally don't get it, but, of course, Henry was super into it. :) I wanted to take Pepper home too, she was super sweet. Don't know where I would put her.....

  3. Lucy! Bahaha. She's willing the horse to go faster. Such cute pictures! Thank you for sharing your adventures.

    1. I think she is telepathically linked to all horses anyway. :)