Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Awkward Mom vs. The State Fair

I'm a planner.

No, that's not true. I wish I was a planner.

No, that's also not true. I wish I wished I was a planner.

No, even that's not true. I think I should wish that I wished I was a planner.

Here's the thing; there are lots of things I think I should want to do. I should want to clean my house, and not just throw stuff around randomly 10 minutes before someone is due over and then blame the kids. I should want to learn to garden, and not just gaze sadly at the weeds, while laying in my hammock, before happily going back to my book. I should want to volunteer for the PTA, and not just donate snacks when they tell me to. I should want to have a detailed and organizing household planner, and not just a giant post-it on the kitchen wall that just says "Dishes and Laundry and don't watch Netflix all day." I should want to have regular family meetings and well-thought-out house rules that I got out of a book that I carefully researched and analyzed, and not just another giant post-it that says "don't kill each other" and semi-regular family movie nights where someone sticks Dots to the back of the couch. And I should want to meticulously plan our family trip to the State Fair, months in advance, buying the tickets and the ride passes and the food vouchers ahead of time so they are discounted, carefully loading everyone in the van at dawn, complete with snacks, itineraries, and car activities, or, better yet, staying the night in the city where the fair is so we can get to the fair grounds early to get a parking space, and not just last minute throw everyone in the van with some hats and the request to "pipe down, this is my favorite song!" before driving 2 and a half hours so everyone can get slight sunburns and full-on stomach aches and have a freaking wonderful time. I should want to......

But you shouldn't should on yourself, right? So, instead, State Fair pictures!

Super 1st and his lemonade.

We love lemonade.

Did I mention that we love lemonade?

Really, really, love....
oh you get it. We drank lemonade. 

Because chocolate covered desserts 
are a great idea when it's 90 degrees.

Me and my high-flying adventurer ride the Sky Glider.

We had a great view of the fair from our perch. 

Super Kindergartener doesn't like heights or most rides,
but he'll happily drive a train. 

Some butter carvers. 
I didn't get any photos of the large butter sculptures,
yet another should to should. 

Requisite funnel cake. 

Requisite melt-down. 
That's how you know it's been a successful outing.
And that it is time to go home.

When we got home, our neighbor actually asked me if we were "Freaking crazy?!?!" And I said, "Yes, we are crazy." 

Crazy Fun! 

P.S. Yes, we did see Donald Trump. And no, we did not get to ride in his helicopter. We did, however, park by his helicopter because that is the kind of stuff that happens when you are not a planner and arrive late to the State Fair. Crazy weird slightly awkward adventure!