Monday, September 12, 2011

Awkward Mom vs. Preschool

I think we oughta make that "Awkward Mom vs. the first day of Preschool".....because we all know the battles are just beginning.....

So, here he is; Super Preschooler:

Oh my goodness! How did that get in there? That wicked villain, Nostalgia and his sidekick, Holy-Cats-Time-is-going-So-Fast must have been at it again! Let's try this again, shall we?

Here he is; Super Preschooler:

That's better. Yes, Super Preschooler (as he will now be known, unless I get lazy. Then I might shorten it to Super P....I'll let ya know) took the plunge today and went to Preschool! We all trooped down there; Super Preschooler, Super Toddler (aka the Super formerly known as Super Baby), Super Fetus, and me. I don't think Super Fetus wanted to go, but sometimes you do what you gotta do for family, eh?

We all showed up (15 minutes early! You would think we were excited or something...) and listened dutifully to the teacher's introductions....OK, I might have been the only one who did that, but we know now that free play is from 9-9:30, "accidents" will be reported via cell phone, and no peanuts are allowed in the room. There was other stuff, but I thought it was best to gather the urgent info on the first day. Plus, a letter came home with Super Preschooler with all the rest. My very first piece of school-related paperwork! Sent home in Super Preschooler's backpack! would have been sent home in his backpack, if I had remembered to send him in with a backpack and not left said backpack in the it was, it was sent home to me in a plastic shopping bag. I know. I know. Picture it, dear readers: Super Preschooler, standing there on the corner, waiting to be picked up, surrounded by other Dora-packing and Lightening McQueen-laden children, forlornly clutching his PLASTIC SHOPPING BAG. Sigh....and we are off to a rather awkward start, it would seem.

But, the teacher is sweet and seems to understand that some children have awkward parents, so Super P. (yes, I like that) is also holding a purple backpack in his other hand. This purple backpack is called the "Magic Bag" and is given to one child everyday, in order to put a special object into it to bring back to the class for Show and Tell. I suppose that makes it a "Show and Tell Backpack," but, let's be honest, "Magic Bag" sounds a lot cooler. So, Super Preschooler has been given the honor of the first Show and Tell. He wants to bring a fairy, but we don't have one, so he says some pretty earrings on mine will have to do. I am not sure that is a good idea, but I imagine we will find something we can all agree on by Wednesday.

By the way, Super Toddler was seriously not pleased that he was stuck with me for the morning and his brother got to play with a bunch of new kids and toys.....more importantly, new toys. He tore it up during Free Play/Parent Introductions and even got into a fight over some cars with a kid twice his size. Double sigh. Now, in the introduction letter, there is a section about wanting a parent-helper to be present at each class. There is even a sign-up right by the door. However, there was also that part in the teacher's speech (where I could swear she was looking right at me) when she mentioned that siblings are not encouraged if they are distracting and we should not feel obligated to serve as parent-helper if it doesn't work for us. I'll let you know how that goes.

I am also fairly sure the teacher didn't break eye contact with me during the entire "what will happen if your child isn't quite potty trained and has an accident while he/she is here," but I totally expected that. I'll also let you know how that goes, because, as we all know, that one is just a matter of time. Personally, I am thrilled it wasn't today!

All in all, we survived. Some more than others. I am sure Super Preschooler is gonna be fine. Super Toddler is gonna resent his lack of preschool-fun for a bit, and I am starting the long road of panic and empty-nesting and wondering where the time went, sprinkled with some oh-wow-shopping-with-one-child-is-a-lot-easier. Expect that last part is gonna change come November, isn't it? Oh well, back to panic.

Way to be brave there, Awkward Mom.....

OK, readers; update time! In view of the recent name changes, here is a little guide. This is now Super Preschooler (AKA Super P.):

OK, well, technically, this is a picture of Super Preschooler and a friend.

This is now Super Toddler (or Super T...might as well embrace the lazy.):

Wow...OK, well, technically, this is shirtless Super Toddler, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Super Cat, and food/drink. Pretty normal, actually.

Super Fetus is rather camera-shy, so no photo there. Plus, we are letting he/she keep the mantle Super Fetus until the big reveal, come November. At that point, we'll officially declare a new Super Baby! Oh, it is a season of changes, Readers! Meet us back here next time. Super Toddler has a physical therapy visit this week; the therapist wants to inspect his "home walking environment." Yea.....we will totally let you know how that goes....See Ya!


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