Friday, November 4, 2011

Awkward Mom vs. When is my due date again?

Fear not, fearless readers! The great Clutter Monster that has taken up residence in the living room has not eaten Awkward Mom! It may have eaten Super Cat, haven't seen him all day. But Awkward Mom is just fine; doing endless battle with the Trimester Three Triad: Tired, Tense, and Terribly Tricky Third T Word that the Thesaurus won't yield up that means I-want-this-baby-out-of-me-NOW. Until then, cute pictures of the Super Boys!!

Flying first class at the Henry Ford Museum, nothing but the best for Super P.

Super Toddler has found better travel accommodations.

Totally lame attempt at a Halloween photo; of course the Halloween pumpkin is the only one looking when the Great Pumpkin is on the TV......

And, of course, Halloween costume photos! (Our camera died on October 30th, not kidding, so these are from Awkward Dad's iPhone.....better than nothing, I suppose!) Enjoy!



PS...Awkward Mom's due date is November 15th....but Super Fetus is full-term now, so if anybody speaks fetus, come over here and convince this child the world is a fab place and he/she needs to be in it. Now. Right now. Please hurry.

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