Saturday, April 28, 2012

Awkward Mom and the Consummate Chef

It's Morphin' time! Wonder Twins Powers - Activate! The game's a'foot, Watson! Avengers Assemble! We were thinking of heading over here and beating up this bad guy; wanna come? Oh, you know what time it is, Readers! Team-up time!

My ally, the Consummate Chef is back in the saddle! Or kitchen, since that makes more sense. After a huge dry spell, during which I was quite sad and missing her unique recipe of irreverence and brilliance, she has blogged once again! I adore CC (as I have taken to calling her) for many reasons; her love of the Muppets would be enough, but she has much to offer as an ally. She is fun. She is knowledgeable. And she is a great cook, hence her appropriate alias. CC is a true friend; after my disastrous dinner awhile back, she didn't mock me or call DCFS, she posted an entire alternate dinner that I could try (complete with recipes!) and linked it to my blog. She is my Sue Storm; feisty, loving, smart, and fabulous. CC has this on Sue though, I do not think she would ever allow Malice to posses her. She is way too clever to let that happen. A little harmless flirting with Namor? Yeah....I could see that.

In CC's most recent post, she talks about the science behind some of her recent cooking and her knowledge is perfectly amazing. I was quite interested to hear about this new "lifestyle change" she is working on, but just the paragraph describing cheese was worth the read. I am gonna go rummage around in my kitchen for some "sexy fresh mozzarella" and let you all get to reading her delightful, detailed, delicious prose. You will want to feast, read, and laugh all at once, but mostly, you will wish you had a CC on your superteam!

All of our allies are awesome, Readers, including yourselves! Catch you next time! Same awkward time, same awkward channel!

And for no reason, here is a photo of Super Preschooler getting a haircut!

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