Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Awkward Mom vs. Cute Overload

Awkward Mom is being lazy; shock of the year!

I really want to bring you the zoo (insert amazing string of awesome and appropriate adjectives here) adventure team-up. I really do. But my kids won't stop being cute.

Isn't that what love is? Letting someone chew on your hand?

Super Baby's 2 modes continue to be: Oh-so-adorable and sloth. This particular oh-so-adorable was flipped on by some of Excellent Mom's best funny faces.

To my credit, this one was actually taken at the zoo!

They are relentless! They are even sleeping cute!

Fear not, Impatient Readers, we all know that cuteness can not maintain at this level. A tantrum front should blow through here in the next few hours and Awkward Mom will be hiding herself in the office to write you a riveting zoo story. Well, she might eat some chocolate first, but then she will be right on this whole story thing!


  1. Ohhhh, so much cuteness, it hurts!!! Seriously, the Super Kids are *so* adorable!!!! Lucky mama!

    1. I am sorry to have hurt you with the cuteness of my children, now you know my pain. :) Thanks!

  2. Awww...they are darling! You are so blessed.This morning I found two of mine sitting next to each other on the couch hugging. Melted my heart!

    1. They are always doing stuff like that! So lucky I caught them with my camera fully charged this time! Yours are angels too, I am sure! :)