Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Awkward Mom vs. Mini Battle #5

This morning I had the pleasure of driving Awesome Preschooler to school, as well as Super Preschooler. This is their conversation, verbatim and unedited:

Awesome P.: Hey, Super Preschooler, guess what is in my bag?

Super P.: I don't know, is it a book?

Awesome P.: Nope.

Super P.: Is it food?

Awesome P.: Nope.

Super P.: Is it a new stuffed animal?

Awesome P.: Yes! Were you peeking?

Super P.: Nope. What kind is it?

Awesome P.: It's a blue dog that used to belong to my grandma, but she got old so she gave it to me.

Super P.: How old is she? Is she 98?

Awesome P.: No, I am pretty sure that she is 99. 99 is really old.

Super P.: Yeah, that is old. My mom is 35, that is old but not the oldest you can get.

Awesome P.: Wow, your mom is old. My mom is 22 years old.

Super P.: Really? Are you sure she isn't 35, like my mom. My dad is 35 too.

Awesome P.: No, my mom is 22 and my dad is 25. But that is kinda old too.

Super P.: Yeah. Moms are always old. Dads sometimes too.

Awesome P.: Phenomenal Kid is old too, I think he is 22.

Super P.: Phenomenal Kid is 6! He isn't old, who told you that?

Awesome P.: But he goes to school.

Super P.: So do you, but you aren't old.

Awesome P.: I am 4.

Super P.: Which isn't old.

Awesome P.: I guess you are right. Only adults are old.

Super P.: Well, some aren't old. You know, the ones that run around and stuff.

Awesome P.: Yeah, but those aren't usually moms.

I am sure Awesome Mom is pleased to know that she is 22 years old; we should go have a drink to celebrate since she is old enough now.

Take your time getting old, little ones.
Make time to run around and stuff.  


  1. SO FUNNY!!!! The ones that run around aren't usually moms - boy howdy! Love this entire conversation! :)

    1. It was awesome. Sometimes they forget I am there and say the most amazing things!