Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Awkward Mom vs. Mini Battle #6

We interrupt your regular viewing for this teeny, tiny post. We'll get you right back to 10 Hollywood hairdos or that list of the 100 burgers you must eat before you die in a minute. OK, maybe 5 minutes. 10, if you read really slow. Don't worry; those burgers will wait and your hair looks just fine anyway.

So, I had the pleasure of driving Super Preschooler and Awesome Preschooler to school yesterday. Per usual, they forgot I was there. Per usual, I took great advantage of this fact to peek into the 5-year-old brain.

They are sitting in the way back of the van, admiring a princess puppet doll that Super Toddler left back there a week ago.

Super P.: We should play puppets!

Super A.: But we only have one.

Super P.: Well, you can have it.

Super A.: No, you take it.

Super P.: It's ok.

Super A.: No, you take it.

(My heart is in danger of melting and making us drive off the road at this.)

Super P.: Well, we could play puppets next time you come over; I have a ton.

Super A.: OK. We'll play house!

Super P.: Really?

Super A.: Yeah; I'll be the baby! You can be the Daddy.

Super P.: OK, but only with dragons. I have some dragons.

Super A.: OK, I'll be a baby dragon then.

Super P.: could be a princess. I think you would make a great princess.

Super A.: Really?

Super P.: Of course! Which one do you want to be? I'll let you pick between Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Princess and the Frog.

Super A.: Princess and the Frog!

Super P.: As you wish.

Super A.: That sounds fun! We'll do that next time, after school.

Super P.: As you wish.

Readers, I am serious. I thought I misheard him the first time. But no, he repeated it. I drove Buttercup and Westley to school this morning, Readers. Be still, my little 1980s heart. Be still.

And Super Preschooler hasn't even seen the movie yet, guys!
He is just naturally leading man. 
Which you all knew anyway, right? I thought so.....


  1. Replies
    1. I know! I could listen to them all day, it is a laugh riot!

  2. Swoon! So awesome!!!!! Is it too soon to show him the movie? Coz he is going to love it!!

    1. I hope it isn't too soon because that is what I was gonna do tonight. :)