Monday, May 6, 2013

Awkward Mom vs. Springtime

Nothing like a little warm weather to bring out a couple of cliches.

My amazing, awesome, and only slightly awkward children-

Well, it finally happened; the warm weather is here at last! We have been tooting around town with the windows open for about a week now, so I am thinking that it is here to stay. Those long days (and really late bedtimes) have also driven the point home as well, and you know your mom, I have a couple other points I would like to drive home.

You are all in the springtime of your lives. A carefree time of endless sun and flowers that I want you to savor and enjoy. Of course, you are in a hurry to grow up; that is what all children are in a hurry to do. You see us driving cars, eating whatever we want, going to bed at midnight; it all looks so exciting and slightly dangerous. And it is. And you will get there. Well, you'll get there if you stop sassing me all the time, that is. But childhood is short, messy, and will comprise about 75% of your memories, so please, continue to do the following things for as long as is seemly. And maybe perhaps a little after that.

1. Let your hands play with the wind out the open window. I pretend my hand is an Olympic runner jumping over all the fence posts, but you go wherever your imagination leads you.

2. Sand, chalk, glitter, and play-dough are just fine; don't listen to my sharp intakes of breath or mumbles about mess. I am old and don't always know the value of a good messy project.

3. Snuggle the front cover of the touch and feel book to your face if you want to, I bet it feels really nice. Those hipsters laughing at you in Barnes and Noble don't know what they are missing.

4. Lose your shoes. The grass feels good and we can find them later.

5. Yes, dandelions are flowers. I don't know what fool told you they were weeds.

6. Dress any ol' way you please. Your smile will turn anything you don into a delightful couture creation anyway.

7. Continue to taste just about everything. As you grow and learn, more and more of these things will actually turn out to be food, but I like your adventurous spirit; don't lose that.

8. Greet your friends like they are the Beatles each and every time you see them. Friends are like gold and they should know that at every opportunity.

9. Dance your crazy-pants, wild with abandon, Peanuts dance to everything from James Brown to Barney. People are definitely watching, but it is because they are in awe.

10. Blow kisses to strangers, especially the grandmas.

11. Give the pinata everything you have got; raining candy is the best kind. Right up there with candy thrown from a float and Halloween candy.

12. If anything goes wrong, and I mean anything, find someone who loves you to hug you and give you a band-aid. (The band-aid may someday come in the form of a chocolate bar or a bottle of wine, but the principle is the same.) The hug won't always fix your problem, but it will always make it feel a little more manageable.

13. If someone can't come up with a favorite Muppet, you might wanna reconsider that friendship.

14. You can draw, sing, dance, write, act, paint, and you are good at it. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. As Picasso says, " All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

15. Of all the culinary delights in the world, and there are many, nothing will ever taste as good as a Freezie-Pop shared with friends. Nothing.

(Even if your mother is too lazy to get off the porch to take a proper picture of it.)
I adore you all; keep enjoying your springtime, even if you sometimes have to defy me to do it.
Love always,
Awkward Mom
And how are your springtimes going, Readers? Full of wonderful cliches, we trust!


  1. I hope you write a letter to your children for every season - I'd even go so far as to say every month but then I can carry things a bit too far.

    1. You do like to overdo, Mom. Which is why I love you. That and you continued belief that I don't know this is you.

  2. What if I can't come up with a favorite Muppet because I love too many of them?

  3. This is sweet. It's too bad when they get older and are too embarrassed to enjoy life for awhile...

    1. Spoken as one who has or knows some condolances. :)

  4. PS Sorry that your awkward friend (me that is) forgot to come read for a few months!

    1. You float on by whenever you like! No pressure! I'll be here, being awkward.....