Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Awkward Mom vs. Summer Binge

The last week of August is my traditional summer binge. In a blind panic, I try to stuff every single summer thing that I failed to do during those long leisurely days of endless sun and time. It's a good time. OK. No, actually, it's not. It's incredibly stressful and tense, and it usually ends with me shouting at the children, "Get in the van, we are gonna have some fun! I don't care if you're tired; get in the van! It's your last week of summer! Hurry! Hurry!" Then, I dissolve into tears, usually on the front lawn, for all the neighbors to enjoy. Super Kindergartner, ever thoughtful, will bring me a Freezie-Pop and we will sit out there and watch cars until I calm down.

Because you see, I'm trying to carry all the legos. Have you ever tried to carry all the legos, Readers? Well, there are a lot of them and they are weird shapes, so when you try to carry them all, they tend to fall and then you step on them and one rolls under the radiator and a baby eats one and it pretty much sucks. Each lego, by itself, is amazing. Unique and fun. And all put together and looked at from a couple steps back, they are pretty amazing too. Strong and solid. But in a big messy pile that I am trying to carry across the room? No, that's just a big messy pile. Summer binge is a big messy pile of legos and I'm not doing it this year. Nope. This year the summer is just gonna have to end quietly, with me and the Supers, eating Freezie-Pops on the front lawn, watching cars. No lego carrying at all.

Plus, I have school-supply binge, school-shoe-binge, and a full-on Super-Toddler-is-going-to-preschool freakout to have this week. I just don't have time for summer binge this year.

Stop carrying all the legos.
It never ends well!


  1. I feel like I might be in end of summer binge. I better be careful, because I HATE stepping on legos.

    1. Lego-stepping is not for the weak..... :)