Monday, November 29, 2010

Awkward Mom vs. Netflix

Dear Netflix-

You know that I love you. Thank you for suggesting I watch Martin Scorsese's early work, The Girl on the Bridge, and all that Wallace & Gromit. You know me so well, it is like we have been friends forever. Your interest in British comedy and French new wave makes me think we are soul mates. And you are so good with Super Toddler; making sure he has access to Angelina Ballerina any time he needs. I wasn't too happy with you introducing him to Pingu, but it makes him happy. So, I suppose I can forgive you, even though it is Swedish and incredibly weird.

Netflix, you really are a dream come true and so wonderful. You enable me to go to film school from my couch for $8.99 a month; you are lovely. However, I wish you wouldn't document all of our encounters together. I am starting to find it a little creepy. Furthermore, it doesn't help interactions with my husband when he comes home after 30 hours on call to find out that I spent most of that time catching up on 30 Rock. So, if you could do something about that, I would be forever grateful.

Awkward Mom

PS I will never, ever, be able to thank you enough for having the Orson Welles' version of Jane Eyre streaming on my computer at 3 in the morning. You complete me, Netflix.