Saturday, November 27, 2010

Awkward Mom vs. Procrastination

Ok, clearly Awkward Mom is having some issues with follow through these days. Turns out twin villains (Procrastination and we-now-have-streaming-Netflix-on-the-Wii) have shown up to tax Awkward Mom's resolve and duty to this blog. Add a heavy dose of baby teething and outright toddler potty training refusal, and we have no conclusion to Awkward Mom vs. the Road Trip. It just isn't gonna happen. You will be cheered to know that she already told you the most awkward parts. The adult alone time was nice, but they talked about the boys most of the time, called them 6 times, and fell asleep by 9:30. They did, however, drink wine and they managed to have several conversations uninterrupted by random screaming and demands for fruit snacks. I am also happy to report that the super boys had a great time at the Awkward Family Estate. Super Baby attempted stairs, causing heart palpitations all around, and Super Toddler gave Grandpa Awkward heart palpitations of a different kind after modeling all 4 of his princess dresses. The trip home was uneventful, if heavy on the pink CD and, you guessed it, fruit snacks. Awkward Mom is resolving to defeat her villainous foes and be more dutiful to this blog and to documenting awkward antics in general. However, Netflix just informed her that due to her recent viewing, she may enjoy Season 1 of Fraggle Rock, Amelie, the Inspector Lynley Mysteries, and Pawn Stars; I won't expect much out of her for at least 48 hours....

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