Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Awkward Mom vs the Non-Princess Story

Awkward Mom attempts a non-princess-themed bedtime story. Silly Awkward Mom. (per usual, Awkward Mom is bolded, and Super Toddler is not....although we all know it should be the other way around.)

Once upon a time Sun and Storm were having a fight. They each thought that they were the most powerful force of nature. They decided to settle this with a test. A man was walking along the road....

A princess!


A princess was walking on the road!

Oh...well...OK. A princess was walking along the road....

In the deep, dark forest.

Ummmm...I guess. So, a princess was walking along the road through the deep, dark forest. She was wearing a cloak around her shoulders.

A pink cloak!

Sure thing; it was a beautiful pink cloak. So, what happened was, Storm and Sun decided that whoever could get the princess to take off her cloak first was the most powerful force of nature.

Pink cloak!

Right, her beautiful pink cloak. So, Storm went first. And he called upon his buddies, Rain and Wind. Storm, Rain, and Wind attacked the poor princess.

(Blowing wind noises, via Super Toddler)

Rain poured all his water down on her and Wind blew all her breath on the princess, but all that princess did was hold her cloak closer around her.

(Super Toddler attempts to spit on me...a la Rain. He is quickly encouraged to play Wind instead.)

Finally, Rain was all out of water and Wind was all out of breath and Storm was very very tired.

(Super Toddler falls out of the bed in his imitation of tired Storm.)

So, Sun stepped up and gazed down at the beautiful princess...

In her beautiful cloak!

Right, in her beautiful cloak. And Sun smiled at her and opened his sun-beam arms wide, sending the gentlest warmth right to her.

(Opens arms wide and knocks me in the side of the face.)

Ouch, umm, ok, where was I?


Right, well, Sun was shining so nicely and the princess was getting so warm in that beautiful cloak of hers. What a lovely day, she said, as she took off her cloak. The End.

Then, she puts the cloak on!

No, sweetie, she takes it off because the sun is so warm and gentle that she doesn't need it.

She wears it!


Because it is so beautiful! The End! (Then he blows in my face.)

OK, well, I am not one to argue the powerful force of beautiful princess cloaks. Speaking of beautiful, lovely readers, I hope your suns have been as gentle as ours has been today.

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