Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Toddler Bedtime Story #4

Apparently, everyone wants to attend the ball.

Once upon a time, there was a fairy godmother. She lived in the woods and made magic. Fireflies live in the woods too, hundreds of fireflies. And they want to go to the ball.

Wait, the fireflies want to go to the ball?



To dance.

But, can they even dance? I mean, they don't have any feet.

They dance like this. (He proceeds to shuffle/wiggle around the room with his hands plastered to his sides. It looks like a cross between traditional Irish dancing and a bee waggle dance.)

OK, I see. So, what happened?

Well, the fairy godmother poofed the fireflies to the ball. But they were outside. On the trees. They dance on the trees, like Christmas trees.

Christmas trees?

Christmas trees, all bright.

Oh, they light up the trees like Christmas lights!

Yes, they light up the trees and dance in the trees and the princesses come outside and say "how beautiful."

How beautiful is right.

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