Sunday, February 13, 2011

Awkward Mom vs. Sloth

Dearest readers, usually when we leave you hanging like that, we are battling that nefarious and wicked villain known only by that bone-chilling name, the Cold. However, this time, our 2 week blogging absence was week 1 of snowy-house-bound-stir-crazy and week 2 of too-busy-with-playgroups-playdates-hanging-out-with-Awesome-Toddler-and-her-sidekicks-Awesome-Parents. Needless to say, we have been busy being awkward and have tales a plenty to curl your toes and straighten your hair; we'll get to those week 2 antics, but first a little photo essay of the week before all this activity.

Am I the only lazy parent who sometimes doesn't want to bundle up her children in enough layers to shroud the sun and venture into the frozen tundra of February Michigan? Am I really the only one in the history of parenthood who sometimes lets them stay in pjs all day long watching Cinderella and Toy Story on repeat until Super Toddler's bedtime stories start to bleed together into weird amalgams of piggy princes and cowboy fairy godmothers? Really? It's just me, huh? OK....well, this is awkward; don't really have the words to express my swirling feelings of total inadequacy. So instead, here are some photos of our week of sloth!

If you are at all curious about what our uniforms look like when we are battling (and losing to) Sloth, here's a peek. Bright red pjs for holidays several months past work like a charm!
PS...Why yes, Super Toddler is hanging a chain of baby links over the arm of the couch and pretending it is his Rapunzel hair...that's normal, right?

Frequent naps are needed when spending a week holed up in the house. The Super Cats provide excellent tutorials in proper nap technique; there are many options throughout the day to observe their flawless methods.

Must keep up your strength when engaging in a week-long battle with Sloth; floor Cheerios are an excellent source of nutrition, vitamins, and, apparently, mirth.

When fighting that Sloth minion, Boredom, coloring an old box with red markers works wonders. This also provides Awkward Mom with tons of wall cleaning and laundry for her own personal battle with Boredom. A two-for-one really!

Make sure to take many crawls up and down the hallways; must maintain morale and keep our limbs from atrophy, you know.

If all else fails and Boredom is winning the war, pull out your secret weapons; Pots and Pans! Sure to stave off Boredom for quite awhile. Small headache and ringing ears side effects, but well worth it, I have found.

Balloons work too, and there are little to no side effects here. Perhaps cuteness overload in some. Again, very powerful super weapon in the battle against Boredom.

Long story short, readers: the Awkward Family completely lost to Sloth and Boredom. Complete and total failure. Annihilation. However, don't pity them, though; the next week is a rousing success, full of gymnastics, playdate extravaganzas, and Super Baby is now eating avocados and numerous sausages (just a little fun fact for your day)! More next time on Awkward Mom!!

Just a friendly reminder to get those cat naps in!

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