Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Awkward Mom vs. Moving

Readers, the Awkward Family is on the move! And we are taking the awkward with us!

OK, so, here is what happened. We asked the apartment complex we live in if there was any way we could move into a three-bedroom apartment. We have been wanting more space for awhile, especially Awkward Dad, who is craving his very own Fortress of Solitude. (One a little larger than his current one: a corner of the dining room.) They smiled at us, wrote our name down, and we figured we might hear from them in the early summer (when our lease is up) with a polite oh-sorry-we-just-couldn't-find-anything-but-you-can-stay-in-your-current-apartment-with-a-nominal-rent-increase.

Turns out we were wrong about the efficiency and compassion of our apartment complex; no villains here. They called us the other day and told us that they have a three-bedroom that will come available in early April and do we want it? Well, yes, we want it. Do we really want to move all of our stuff in 8 days? With 2 kids. With 2 cats. With 2 stressed out adults. No, not really, but what's a space-challenged superhero family to do? Bite the bullet and pull out the boxes. All 2 of them. Yes, that is right, readers. I currently have 2 boxes with which to move and those are currently serving as "boats" for the Super Boys.

This doesn't even get into the big issue. Awkward Dad's vacation starts this Saturday. We are driving to Chicago. We will be back on Wednesday. Anybody doing to math out there? That puts up back home the day before we move. 1 day before. Anybody wanna loan me some spare sanity? And about 105 boxes? Thanks!

Fear not, fair readers! The Awkward Family have faced worst villains. OK. Well, that isn't entirely true. Maybe you better fear, fair readers. Hope to see you next time (from our new apartment) here at the Adventures of Awkward Mom!

Hey, we weren't kidding about the boxes? A little help here! Please!


  1. Hi Erin! Search for free moving boxes on Craigslist!

  2. HAHA! Thanks! Since that is where i got rid of our orginal moving boxes, that is an excellant idea! Wonder if mine are still out there someplace.... :)

  3. I wish you the best of luck on your move.

    Give us a call if you want to hang this week. With or without the kids :)

    - Sabrina

  4. I love the pic of the boys in the boxes - always a good idea to remember to pack your children before you move!