Friday, March 18, 2011

Awkward Mom vs. Spring

Spring is here, readers! Spring is here! Spring is here! Spring is here!

So, if you haven't heard, Spring is here! This is absolutely thrilling news to the Awkward family, who have been doing serious battle with Stir-Crazy and his minion, Cabin-Fever. But now, they have retreated and we are ready to go play with Spring! (and the mud. and melting snow piles. and wind....but we'll get to that in a minute.) Right now, I am looking for jackets. Jackets, readers! Not coats. Not mittens. Jackets!

Turns out that Super Baby doesn't have a jacket. (Ever notice that grandparents and other well-meaning gift-givers always give tundra-worthy, fleece-lined snowsuits that never really fit in the car seat? No? Oh, must just be my family.) Anywho, I will not be deterred by the absence of baby jackets. An old sweater of Super Toddler's works just fine as far as I am concerned. We parade out into the warm 65 degrees that hasn't been felt in nearly 5 months. I actually roll the window down, and we jet off to the park. (I roll it up again about 5 minutes in when Super Toddler complains the wind "stings and burns," but let's not dwell.)

We head out to visit to our friend and ally, Park, and boy have we missed you, Park! Here is a pictorial of our reunion with Park. Pictures say a thousand words, right? Especially when I am way too tired to write after dealing with the wind, mud, and the seemingly undeniable urges of Super Toddler to run away from me towards traffic and/or strange dogs.

Super Toddler and Super Baby have distinctive slide styles. Super Toddler prefers to go down (normally at a speed that breaks the sound barrier). Super Baby likes to go up, but more often than not, he likes to lounge at the bottom.

Wanna see what Super Toddler is scowling at?

Super brothers are always crawling away when you want to play with them!

This visit to Park, Super Toddler decides to make sure that Awkward Mom's heart rate and reaction time are up to code, attempting this structure:




What do you mean "you forgot sunscreen?"
Well, just create a shadow over me then, I am sure that will work just fine, Mom.

Wind really really likes Super Baby's hair. Super Baby's hair thinks Wind is nice but a little aggressive. Definitely not a BBF.


Needless to say, our reunion with Park was all we could have wished! The fact that Awkward Mom got so much confidence from the encounter that she attempted the Botanical Gardens directly after with no naps and minimal snacks went as you might expect and does not bear dwelling on. Nor does the fact that Spring seems to have disappeared again into a fickle fog of freezing rain. See you next time on the Adventures of Awkward Mom!

Oh, and by the way, Spring is here!


  1. Hooray for Spring! And hooray for getting out of the house to enjoy a moment of nice weather. Let's hope it comes back soon!

  2. Wow. You are an excellent writer. Love this story. Love your family. :oD

  3. Oh, Liv; too sweet! Thanks for the blog love.

    Yes, YES; Spring needs to hurry itself on back here super quick!