Friday, August 31, 2012

Out being awkward!

Out being awkward, back soon!

Readers, we are heading on our first ever family vacation. First, we are heading to see some family, and then we are heading to northern Michigan to stay at a lodge. An honest to goodness lodge! It is called the Great Wolf Lodge. Now, all I keep thinking about is this Nancy Drew game called the The White Wolf of Icicle Creek where Nancy goes to Canada and does all manner of daring-do while rescuing a wolf and thwarting a would-be bomber. I hope it doesn't come to that, but if it does, Super Preschooler and I have been practicing and we are ready. You know, if the daring-do comes in the form of decoding notes, eavesdropping, and solving mysterious puzzles that just happen to fall out of the bad guy's pocket.

This lodge also has a water park in it, which leaves me with a whole host of questions about it's true lodgeness. But whatever. The Supers love water and should really enjoy it, but Awkward Dad, who is basically a big kid anyway, is truly the fan here. And since the whole reason for this trip is to celebrate that the earth has been blessed with Awkward Dad's presence for 35 years, why not do something fun, big, and slightly nonsensical? That truly is the Awkward Dad way.

We'll be back in a week, no doubt laden with tons of awkward antidotes to amuse you.

Until then, stay awkward, dear Readers!

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