Saturday, September 8, 2012

Awkward Mom vs. the Family Vacation

And this little piggy said "are we there yet? are we there yet?" all the way home....

Well, we did it! We survived our first family vacation. We travelled to 4 states in all and had numerous adventures. We went to a water park, a year-round Christmas store full of breakable baubles, beaches full of my arch-nemesis (aka: SAND), and a resort full of my other arch-nemesis (aka: Perfect Moms); all with 3 children under the age of 4. Why? I am not sure, we must be insane. No, not quite insane, it isn't like we ran a marathon in Disneyland or anything. We are just really awkward.

And Readers, I am not kidding; the awkward follows us. For who was at our hotel this week but the northern Michigan anime convention. An Awesomely Awkward Anime Convention; Holy nerdtastic Batman! You will just have to stay tuned to hear all about it. I am off to unload a week's worth of sand from the Awkward Mobile....ugh.....why was that little piggy in such a hurry to get home again?

And now, a preview of the awkward:

Super Baby, who spent the vacation crawling where she wasn't supposed to and pulling up on a variety of hotel furniture. And Super Baby's anime-huge eyes, which had me clinging to her for dear life anytime I ventured out among the Cosplayers.

Super Toddler and his pretty much permanent vacation expression.

Super Preschooler and his Magic Quest wand. More on that later, but needless to say, someone decided to LARP a little earlier than I was prepared for.

Did I mention the Arcade we went to? No? Ah well, here we have a collection of very "appropriate" prizes. Huge snake for Super P. and baby snake for Super Baby. Super Toddler is the one holding the blaster that makes at least 14 different sounds. Sigh.

Double Sigh.

Nothing says Awkward Summer Vacation quite like posing with a coy and fairly creepy Santa.


  1. An Anime Convention, huh? That was probably a sightseeing of its own. Glad you enjoyed and survived your vacation!

    1. It was major sightseeing!

      We did enjoy it and, more importantly, we did survive!

  2. Such cute pics! Sounds like an awesomely awkward good time. Super Baby totally has anime eyes! Good thing you didn't put her in a Sailor Moon costume - it would have been bedlam. (Also freakin' nerd-tastically adorable.)

    We must hear more about LARP-ing with a Magic Quest wand!! And water parks! And arcades. We can skip the sand, I am 100% with you on that one!

    1. I would love to skip the sand, it is still lurking in my car! Ugh.

      Oh, it was totally nerd-tastic all around. :)