Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Awkward Mom and Guest Posts

Calling all super friends!
Calling all super friends!
It is that awkward time and this is the awkward channel.
Time for some guest posts on this here blog.
Awkward Mom is ok, but we like to shake it up one in awhile.
We don't care what you want to discuss; children, work,
your obsession with Mob Wives.
Anything and everything is welcome, as long as it is awkward.
And considering that you are all on a super team with Awkward Mom, I am pretty sure you are slightly awkward yourselves.
So, don't leave us hanging, who wants to go first?

Come on, Readers! Super Baby is fighting a battle with boredom over here!


  1. Will post after I feed my tribe!

  2. Super Friend Ja Nelle here with the power to lose her mind at any given moment!
    Hey Super Awkward Mom! OK so and Awkward moment.... well I didn't have to dig too deep for this one. Hold on to your hats here it goes.
    So I would like to discuss potty teaching moments with little boys. So while on our way to our local library my two year old (whom we are potty training at the moment) informs me that the time has come to visit the potty. Seeing as we just got off the bus and the door to the building is over 100 feet away not to mention the elevator needed to take to the 1st level where the washrooms are located. I brave the brisk air which I am sure by now has sent a signal of emergency to his brain and genitals. I race to get in, oh did I mention that i had my baby stroller 3000 in tow. Yeah this thing can hold kids, grocery, and in the event I can't walk anymore, my 200lb behind. It's a beast! Anyhoo we make it too the washroom when my little guy informs me yet again that he is ready to enter into the guys restroom. I briefly remind him of the "rules" I have laid in place when going to a public restroom. After about 2 secs and the strange look on his face he says hmmmmm (his favorite saying BTW) alright so in I rush to find a stall suitable to sustain the baby stroller 3000 I proceed to get him in when he stops abruptly turns to me and gives me this look that said. "I dare you to cross this threshold. I am a young man now and I do not need you to help me right now." I sigh and back away slowly while he proceeds to close the door. Few moments go by and I hear "AWW Shoot" I quickly open the door to see that he was having a hard time getting his little guy bits out of the properly placed hole in his Lighting McQueen underoos. I bend down to assist him and just as I get things in order I hear two ladies enter in. I get the "OK mom I am good, now get out look." and proceed to find a way to let the now very annoyed ladies in so they can find a stall. They really don't have kids I say to myself. Well while I wait I hear my son say in a very low voice (you know we mothers have super power hearing when we want to use it) he says uh oh. next thing I know I open the stall door and see a lovely stream of urine sliding on the stall wall and into the stall next to use which of course just happen to have one of the annoyed ladies in it. As I look down two things run through my mind. One is How can someone so small hold that much pee, and two well that's motherhood for you. With a quick wipe of the floor and a apologetic look to the lady , who look utterly disgusted I wash our hands and we make our way back into civilization. After collecting all the super letters for today's blog this is what the message spells out.
    "I AM GOING TO GO CRAZY, WANT TO COME?" LOL until next time my friend keep doing what you do because you keep women like me on the somewhat sane tip. (I did say somewhat) Love ya!

  3. OH yeah I am not well verse in the English language so if my grammar offends anyone I blame the meds. LOL

  4. Here is a pic of our super family just in case you wanted to see us!!