Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Out being Awkward!

We're out being awkward; back soon! Well, we are really in being awkward....oh, nevermind, here's a cute picture of the Supers and a message from Super Toddler.

Hey Readers-

Hold on, now just relax, Super Toddler here. No need to worry about new Awkward Mom posts. We'll be back soon; we are out collecting material for our next awkward adventure and will return soon to tell you about it.

psst...we really have plenty of material, but Mommy put off reading her book club books, and they are both meeting this week. Silly Mommy. We are gonna take advantage of her nose being in those books to give her even more material for her next post. I think she should call it "Awkward Mom vs. the giant lake that we made in the Bathroom." What do you guys think?

Super Toddler

P.S. FYI, don't mention the words circle and time around Mommy. They seem to make her sad for some reason.....they make me want to run and play and throw toys at other kids, but everyone is different.

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