Saturday, September 29, 2012

Out being Awkward

Pumpkins, apples, and donuts, oh my!

OK, so here at Awkward Manor, we have fallen headlong into fall. Like no bracing with your arms fall. Like deep-end of the now empty public pool fall. Like free fall into a pile of leaves, what the bleep are these children gonna be for Halloween, why are there Christmas decorations at Target, where's my sweater, put on your socks, and Awkward Dad, quit turning on the heat already, fall.

And we'll be back to tell you all about it. And school. And the new Reptile Zoo. And playing in the parking lot at Culver's. And why Super Preschooler wants to be a fairy for Halloween. And how Awkward Dad is dealing with that with amazing maturity and a lot of microscopic jaw clenching. And loads of other fallish things. (We refuse. Refuse, Readers. Refuse to acknowledge the Christmas decorations at Target or even think about winter yet.) So, check back soon. We'll be here. Carving pumpkins and what-have-you. Pumpkins that we are off to get today. Well, the Supers and Awkward Dad are off to get pumpkins. I am going for the donuts.

Well, at least our dining room table has got the fall spirit....


  1. Yikes, reptile zoo...That's one place I would stay away from, for sure :)

    1. It was pretty intense, esp. when they took a snake out of the cage and asked if we wanted to "pet" it. Yikes! :)