Sunday, December 29, 2013

Awkward Mom vs. the Christmas Haze

It is still Christmas! I have 12 days and that tree is staying up until Epiphany. 16 years of Catholic school talking here, so you just keep your New Year resolutions to yourself for a couple more day, OK? I'm not ready.

Awkward Mom doesn't mean to sound testy, she is just dealing with the Christmas Haze. A fog-like villain that covers your living room in legos, stuffs your fridge full of fancy cheeses, desserts, and really nothing that children like to eat, and renders you so insensible that you have no idea what day of the week it is. What day of the week is it, by the way? Sunday? You don't say.....

Given that I was dead sure it was Friday, I have some serious battle to do with Christmas Haze, not to mention villains 800-broken-down-lego-boxes-in-the-basement and the-recycle-bin-won't-hold-anything-else. Since I have been on a diet of candy canes and Christmas cookies for 4 days straight, I might also take a nap. Since I also haven't gotten fully dressed in those 4 days, that shouldn't be too hard. Creating a coherent and halfway sensible post, however, is proving beyond me, so enjoy these photos of the Supers and I will catch you in 2014!

Awkward Dad made his annual Kolaczki.
Note the Oreos off to the side,
just in case Santa felt more American this year.

Ultimately, we decided Santa was Polish. 
We had no carrots, so the reindeer got radishes. 
They didn't seem to mind. 

Super K. opening the first of many
(many many many many) legos sets. 
4 days out; they are no longer sets, 
but a giant pile that I think ate one of the cats.

Super Toddler played with this horse stable for 45 minutes,
ignoring all other toys that her brother eventually just opened for her.
I am putting this one in the win column.

Super K. and his new friend. 

Super Preschooler and his (slightly larger) new friend. 

His Star Wars Walker is basically the dog every little child wants,
with none of the mess. 
Also in the win column.

Stocking Time!
And yes, Santa brought her Slim-Jims. 

My favorite moment of Christmas this year;
Super P. is horrified that Super Fetus receives no gifts, 
so he gives him/her his new Ewok doll and insists that I cuddle them together.
It is amazing and not awkward in the slightest. 
OK, having an Ewok doll in the first place is kinda awkward. 
But Super P.? He is all kinds of perfection. 

We'll see you guys in 2014! Oh, and you can tell us your new year's resolutions if you want to, but don't hold your breath for Awkward Mom's. Since her birthday falls at the end of January, she always gives herself 3 extra weeks to settle on her resolutions. She likes to start them at the beginning of her new year. It's awkward, what can I say? 


  1. Awww, what a sweet little moment you had cuddling there together... No resolutions here. This year I'm taking one month at a time...

    1. It was a wonderfully sweet moment.

      That is the right way to do it! One month at a time.

  2. Holy awesome Christmas gifts! And the Ewok story is the sweetest thing I've ever heard. Ever!! Happy New Year to you all!

    1. It was a Star Wars heavy year...... :)

      Happy New Year to you!

  3. Love the pictures! Looks like a great Christmas was had by all.

    1. Thanks! We did have a great time; nice and lowkey and covered in Star Wars stuff. :)