Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Awkward Mom vs. the Farm Field Trip

There are moments in life that just shine a spotlight on the differences between one's children. How one opens gifts on Christmas morning. How one handles one's Halloween candy. The first day of school's social jostling. Any occasion where there are food samples. And field trips.  

Super Preschooler's field trip to a local farm was today. Super Toddler and Super Baby tagged along. Super Baby slept in the Baby Bjorn the whole time, so his farm personality is still a mystery to us. However, Super Preschooler's and Super Toddler's were on full display. Here are where the Supers differ:

1. While comparing chicken and goose eggs.
-Super Preschooler approached the eggs (which the tour guide held over their heads and through a fence) three different times, only to be cut off by bolder children each time. The tears started then, so a bolder mother, who wasn't wearing an infant strapped to her chest, lifted Super P. up to have his turn.
-Super Toddler was the reason for the over their heads and through a fence rule.

2. While admiring goats.
-Super Preschooler smiled and waved at the goats from my side.
-Super Toddler pet the goats, tried to kiss the goats, and delighted when one of the goats tried to eat her coat, taking it off to make it easier on him.

3. While dealing with the unseasonably cold day.
-Super Preschooler shivered and hugged my side the entire outdoor part of the tour.
-Super Toddler did not:

This was after we got her coat back from the goats. 

4. While dealing with the fact that the horses were unavailable and in the back pasture.
-Super Preschooler: "Oh well."
-Super Toddler: [Screaming that I think was audible in space]

5. While experiencing puddles.
-Super Preschooler sedately splashed around before returning to my side.
-Super Toddler sat down, had to be physically removed from the puddle, kicked her way free, and gleefully sat down in a pile of mud instead.

6. While meeting a pregnant sow.*
-Super Preschooler: "She's going to have lots of baby pigs , Mom."
-Super Toddler: "Fat pig! Fat piggy! Oink Oink!"
*This difference might be merely age related. I hope.

7. While seeing a tractor that the tour guide asked us to stay off of.
-Super Preschooler: "Pretty tractor. I wish I could ride it."
-Super Toddler: "Keys! Keys!" (She was on it at the time. Girl is quite fast.....)

8. While being asked to pose for pictures.
-Super Preschooler:
Can I see the picture now, Mommy?
-Super Toddler: 
This one hungry too, Mommy! 

9. While petting baby animals.
-Super Preschooler stood on the yellow line like he was supposed to, touched the baby sheep with 1 finger, giggled, and ran back to me. 
-Super Toddler baaed into the lamb's face. Repeatedly. 

10. While stealing my heart with their adorable differences.
-Super Preschooler: Being his wonderfully steadfast self.
-Super Toddler: Being her wonderfully steadfast self. 

Sometimes genetics just win the day.


  1. They are so cute! And you are one brave mama to take them all together for this adventure all by yourself :)

    1. Well, there were a ton of other preschooler parents around, so I didn't feel so alone. :) They are so cute, though, you are right there.

  2. I love No 6 - there is something genetic going on with the obsession with fat piggy. Oink Oink. Will have to watch that. LOLOLOLO:LOL

    1. I thought you might enjoy that one......