Thursday, May 1, 2014

Awkward Mom vs. Flowers

"Every gift which is given, even though it be small, is in reality great, if it is given with affection." 

Tomorrow the children at Super Kindergartener's school are going to church to bring flowers to the Blessed Mother. Everyone has been asked to bring a flower. This is how that went down with Super K.:

Will: I want to bring my favorite flower.

Me: OK, cool. Which one? (Super K.'s favorites always match his age; meaning he has 6 favorite flowers at the moment.)

Will: My number 1 favorite is dandelions.

Awkward Dad: Awesome. There are lots of those out front.

Will: Well.....maybe I shouldn't.

Me: Why not?

Will: Well....maybe she won't like it.

Me: Why not?

Will: She's an adult.

Me: So?

Will: A lot of adults think that dandelions are weeds.

Awkward Dad: But you know what? The wise adults know that dandelions are really very beautiful flowers and I think Mary is pretty wise.

Will: Yeah?

Awkward Dad: Yeah.

Will: OK. You think she'll like 'em?

Awkward Dad: If they come from you, I am sure of it.

He is so much like a dandelion; small, sunny, and strangely stunning. 
Think about the magic it takes to bloom in eye-searing cheerfulness,
only to morph, oh so quietly and secretly, into pure whimsy,
which you then sacrifice for the wishes of others,
 to make more sunny joy for the world. 
A world that often scoffs at your tiny beauty. 
A world that too often wants fields of roses instead.

But Mary has enough roses,
I think she is gonna love having a dandelion visit her. 


  1. He is so darling and sweet.

    Charles picked a dandilion for me the other day. I managed to wear it by weaving it into my sweater. Then Fiona grabbed it and shoved the whole thing into her mouth. I screamed so loud she spit it out and cried. Maybe Will has encouraged our whole family to love dandilions.

    1. They are edible, I hear. But anyone pulling items off me and eating them would make me scream too. :) Will could encourage the whole world to love dandelions, he is that passionate about them!

  2. We'll have plenty of dandelions here for Will - and the Blessed Virgin is she so desires.

    1. I am sure she wouldn't mind a few more. And he always wants more dandelions! :)

  3. That is awesome! I am sure Mary will LOVE the dandelion that he brought! :)

    I like that tradition. Rebecca's school is celebrating May crowning at their all school mass next Wednesday. Rebecca was chosen to be the first grade attendant, so she is pretty excited. :)

    1. I was told she was quite happy with his flowers. :)

      Yes, I like that tradition too. Congrats to Rebecca! What an honor and I can't think of anyone better deserving.