Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Awkward Mom vs. the Cat Tree

My mom asked for a horse and a cat every birthday until her parents finally gave in and got her one. (A cat, that is. She would have to wait 40 some birthdays before she got that horse.) Her father named the cat Calendar because "his days were numbered." Not quite the feline fancier was my grandfather, but he did love his daughter. Parental love makes you do lots of crazy things, but you know this.

My story is actually about passions. (Sorta lovey, so it follows. Sorta. Just roll with it.) I hold with the theory that some passions are so strong that they simply cross the uterine wall or become absorbed into the blood stream somehow via kisses. I don't know the particulars; science isn't really my bag, but it happens. My mother's cat-love passed right on to me and has been there as long as I can remember. Her horse-love merrily skipped a generation:

Horse-love needs a strong host. 

I have always had cats, so the children have grown up with cats. They simply view them as members of our family that speak a different language and are super cuddly, and our cats tolerate the children on a rather scary level. 

Basically, if there is a fire, 
the cats are saving the kids first, 
themselves second,
 and they assume Awkward Dad and I can figure things out.

Point is.....OK, kinda lost track after that video. It's super cute and a little mesmerizing. I think my point is that we love animals. All kinds. Awkward Dad likes dogs, Super Toddler likes horses, Super 1st wants a dragon, and I am pretty sure Super Baby still thinks all of us are strange fascinating animals that he wants to pet, furred and non-furred alike. But Super Preschooler. Super Preschooler got the full force of my cat-love somehow (again, science), and he may have it stronger than the rest of us combined. 

He's not terribly picky on breed.
Or ability to breathe. 

Super Preschooler's birthday is in a few weeks. When asked what he would like, he said "a cat tree." I, naturally, said, "Whatever do you want with a cat tree?" And he replied, "the cats would love it and I love the cats." Fair enough. Super Preschooler is also not asking for gifts this year, but asking all his friends to donated cat food so that he can feed our cats. When I pointed out that our cats have plenty of food, and perhaps too much if Super Cats' vet is to be believed, he said, "OK, well, there are lots of cats in the world, we'll give the food to them." 

Super Preschooler's middle name is Francis and I, for one, totally see the resemblance: 

OK, no, you're right. 
Super Preschooler has more hair. 

All of this leads to today's outing. Super 1st is at school. Super Toddler has morning preschool. Super Baby is napping next to Awkward Dad, who is working from home. So, it's a Mom and Super Preschooler's field trip to Petsmart. Super Preschooler is more excited than he was a Disney World. (I am totally not kidding either; Super Preschooler hates heights, rides, and crowds. He is way happier at Petsmart.) It's a difficult battle, but Super Preschooler is mighty and not too indecisive. In the end, cat-love wins the day. 

But let's look at too many pictures anyway, because Super Preschooler is adorable and it's actually warm here by the computer. 

We thought we had an early win here,
but there was still so much cat tree action to see. 

Getting distracted by a beautiful orange tabby.

Could this be the one?

Yes, this is definitely the one.

Hold on......

 I think.....perhaps.....yes!

The one on the right came home with us.
On sale.
Not that anyone can put a price on cat-love.
Or that priceless Super Preschooler smile. 

We are still looking for the perfect placement for the cat tree in the house, when Awkward Dad walks in and.....

Awkward Dad: Oh, you actually bought it.

Me: Yeah. That was kinda the point. 

Awkward Dad: I know. It's just rather tame for Super Preschooler, given his usual interests. I guess I always figured that Super Preschooler was really talking about a magical tree that grew cats. 

Me: Shush!!

Super Preschooler: Daddy! 

Me: Too late.

Awkward Dad: Oops.

Super Preschooler: That's a great idea! Mommy, we have to go back to Petsmart. I didn't see any. But they might sell seeds. We could put it in the back yard. Finder-stick would guard it and Invisible Grandpa would water it. No, he's not good at stuff like that. Bebe could water it. Wonder what color they'll be.....

Yeah, so I have to go convince Super Preschooler to hold off planting until spring or we actually own a place of our own. That, and that magic cat-trees produce invisible cats. Or something. I don't know; magic isn't really my bag.


  1. Wouldn't it be cool if they made human versions? I would like to crawl into that round part and fall asleep. I am happy you found the perfect one. - Catherine

    1. I would love to crawl into one of take a nap! As would Super Toddler, who has already tried today......and failed. It fell over.

  2. He looks totally thrilled with the cat tree! :)

    1. He is! He's even happier when the cats actually sit in it. :)