Thursday, January 29, 2015

Awkward Mom vs. The Potential Move

So, yeah, where have I been? Haven't been around here, that's for sure. Where have I been? Good question. Not really sure. Been busier than normal and normal is pretty busy. Super Preschooler had a birthday. We celebrated it on the road, visiting Awkward Grandma and Grandpa and going to the first of Awkward Dad's many upcoming job interviews. Oh yes, that's where I've been! Physically and mentally and in-the-middle-of-the-nightally.

Awkward Dad finishes his current fellowship in June and we may be on the move. We may be staying in Ann Arbor; her alliterative allure is hard to abstain from. We'll know by March, most likely, but of course, this potential uprooting is occupying pretty much all of my available brain space. The tiny room left over, after we account for the worries about college funds, the measles outbreak, stock piling enough sausage for Super Toddler AND Super Baby (who is taking after his sister in appetite), icy roads, that weird smell the basement is producing, my Oscar picks, potty training stuff, and wondering if the school moms really like me or if they just like Super 1st and tolerate me as a result. That last one is hands-down the latter; guess it can come off the worry list. Great! More room to worry about the potential move.

I'll keep you updated, Readers. Stay tuned; same awkward channel. Flexible on the time......

Here's some pictures of us being awkward:

We hosted Super 1st class "pet" last weekend.
We also forgot to take any pictures until Sunday night.
So, we staged this one and Super 1st wanted retakes
and I refused and it was a whole thing.......

I had a birthday.
I think 37 looks good on me.
Adorable babies are the best lighting.

We visited Awkward Grandma,
but more importantly, 
Awkward Grandma's horse.

Super Preschooler's birthday cat food fundraiser is going like gangbusters!
We are taking the food to the Humane Society next week,
mostly because I am starting to worry 
that the weight of all of it might break the floor.
But feel free to give us some until next week,
the floor could probably stand another ton or two. 

Thanks for you generous cat-lovers out there!
And the generous cat-toleraters and cat-dislikers,
who just really love Super Preschooler! 

Oh, and Super 1st's class won their school's door decorating contest:

Because, of course they did.
(Super 1st worked on the Service Olaf;
some of his best work, if you ask me.) 

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