Thursday, January 1, 2015

Awkward Mom vs. Special

Dear Children-

You are special.

And not that lameo we-are-all-special-so-no-one-is- really-special special because that is just the stupid phrase of the lazy and unimaginative.

And not Elsa-angry-singing-on-a-mountain-because-no-one-understands special because you only get to be that angry and self-involved for a short period around your 15th birthday.

And not sarcastic "special" because that is just rude.

And not-tossed-off-because-I-can't-think-of-another-adjective special because we all know that I know my way around an apt adjective.

No. You are each totally and completely special. Distinguished. Distinctive. Important in your own way. Important to me and just plain old important.

We are starting a new year today. Make it as special as you are.

I love you-
Awkward Mom

P.S. This whole letter goes for you too, Readers. Each and every special one of you.

Special like your special requires more than one picture. 
It really requires more than one universe, 
but I do what I can. 


  1. What a way to start off the year. Way to be Special!! - Catherine

    1. Keep on being special over there! :)