Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Awkward Mom vs the Cold (battle 57)

So, the Awkward Family is battling The Cold. What is it with them and this villain? I am dubbing The Cold their main nemesis; they fight him often enough. Well, due to injuries suffered in the latest brawl, Awkward Mom has lost her voice; resulting in this guest post by Super Toddler...

Super Toddler here. So, Mom has lost her voice. Not sure why that affects her ability to write her blog, but adults are weird. We have all been battling The Cold for about a week now. I, of course, am winning the battle, while my family members are being picked off 1 by 1.

Super Baby's nose has been running since last Thursday, and since he hates it when anyone touches his face, he resembles Niagara Falls. He is super gross, that is what he is. Super Baby had a birthday while we were battling The Cold. Man, you should have seen him eating his cake. It had extra frosting when he was done with it, I will tell you that much...what? Too much? Sorry.

Mom has lost her voice, which is rather hilarious (don't tell). At my playdate yesterday she was trying to tell me and my super pal, Awesome Toddler, not to bang stuff or touch stuff or do anything fun, but it came out all croaky-like. So, Awesome Toddler and I just pretended we couldn't hear her; it was so funny. We were all like "what? what did you say? I can't hear you! Did you tell me to eat this M&M off the floor? OK I can do that." HAHA, it was great.

Dad is the worst of all. You would think The Cold was the Bubonic Plague the way he is carrying on. He takes to his bed and moans at Mom to bring him tissues and drinks, which she does. Then she all but throws them at him while trying to yell something about pain tolerance and childbirth. But of course, she has no voice, so she is angry whispering at him and he pretends not to hear her. I am telling you, adults are weird.

So, we are losing a few battles here, but we always beat The Cold in the end. He is pretty powerful, but like most super-strength villains, not too smart. He'll over-play his hand in the end and Mom will bring out the big guns (ie that crazy green medicine that makes Awkward Dad laugh a lot, then sleep for 12 hours). We just gotta pull together as a family and kick The Cold in the butt. Fear not, readers, we will totally win the war. Super Toddler out.

Super Toddler politely requests that you not tell his Mom that he said butt in his guest post. Thanks!

PS...Super Villain Cake was the easiest villain we ever faced.

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