Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Super Toddler Bedtime Story #1

Tired of Awkward Mom always having the last say, Super Toddler decides that he wants to post a little bedtime story for you all. While this is quite enterprising and we couldn't be prouder, he still can't read or write, necessitating a little assistance from Awkward Mom. But she will try to keep that to a minimum (and bolded).

Once upon a time there was a balloon.

A balloon?

Yes, shush. A balloon. And the fairy godmother poofed the balloon into a princess. And the princess floated away. To the castle. There was a ball and there were lots of fairies and princesses and they were all dancing. So the fairy godmother poofed them shoes.

How come?


How come she poofed them shoes?

Shoes! Shoes!

Ummm...ok, sorry, shoes.

They danced all night. And all day. Then there was a witch, a bad witch. And she comes with a dragon and they poofed. And the fairy godmothers poofed. And she poofed.

Lotta poofing here.

Shush! I poof her away with my wand. And the ogres.

What ogres?

The End.

What? Wait...what about the ogres?

Good night, Mommy.

Super Toddler's tales are becoming more involved and he is quite eager to share them with you. Look here for more Toddler Tales; coming soon! Until then, sweet dreams!

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