Saturday, May 14, 2011

Awkward Mom vs. Trimester 1

So, we have a little news for you all......

Welcome Super Fetus!

So, as you can see from this blurry, out of focus scan that I made of our ultrasound picture, we are expecting super child number 3! For the moment, we are calling this one Super Fetus. I know, I know, it isn't the greatest name. But, you see, he/she (oh, get used to that, we aren't finding out the gender until he/she arrives and I am not referring to he/she as an it.) will eventually graduate to Super Baby, as the current Super Baby is gonna walk any day now. As he has been reassuring us for several months now. But really, it should happen by the time Super Fetus arrives. I hope...

And if it doesn't, Super Toddler will be in preschool by then and going by the mantle Super Pre-schooler, so Super Baby will move to Super Toddler and Super Fetus will move to Super Baby. Get it? We are looking at the name changes as a sorta Robin to Nightwing thing.....oh what, too nerdy? how there are new Dr. Whos all the time? No, wait, that doesn't apply...OK, you know how there was one Green Lantern and then he went all crazy or oh! Oh! How about like how Batman wasn't Batman for awhile or those 4 Superman clones? No? Ummm....look, just Wikipedia the Robin/Nightwing's the closest to what I mean anyway.

So, what was I talking about? Oh yes, Super Toddler going to Pre-school. Wait, what?! Oh no, I am not ready for that! Let alone ready for that post. Nor is he, if the complete failure of potty training around here has anything to say about it. What was I really talking about? Ah, yes. Super Fetus!

So, Super Fetus has been with us for 3 months now, and he/she has been causing quite the stir. Demonstrating super powers well beyond his/her years. Vomit inducing, exhaustion causing, body morphing powers. So far, these powers only seem to be effective on me, but I have high hopes for Super Fetus' potential as a Superhero. Super Fetus is already proving to be unique. At Super Toddler's first ultrasound, he was kicked back, taking a snooze. He looked like he was in a little hammock, complete with arms over his head. Super Baby's first ultrasound was almost identical (most likely because it was taken during the day; Super Baby's nocturnal ways were apparent from his conception), and he too was all hammocked out. Super Fetus had his/her back to us at first. Then, this little whirling dervish took off and spun around a couple times, only to land again, with his/her back to us. Needless to say, you gotta make your mark early as a third child and I don't think Super Fetus is gonna have trouble with that at all.

Look forward to more Super Fetus tales here! In addition, there have been a dearth of warm days here and it appears that summer may be just around the corner. You all know what that means.....pool stories! Park stories! And, most likely a return to that unholy combination of both: the spray park. Oh, the awkward potential; don't miss it. Catch it here on the Adventures of Awkward Mom!

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  1. Love it! Is that a little superhero cape I see in that ultrasound?