Monday, May 23, 2011

Super Toddler Bedtime Story #8

Since it was so much fun the first time, Super Toddler would like to share another "real time" bedtime story with you. Here goes....

Once upon a time there was a princess. And I don't know. Um. She lived in a castle. Are you playing Hearts? ( OK. I like Hearts. When they float. (When they float? Oh, you mean when I win and they float up the screen?) Yes, do that. (Well, I can't right now.) OK. (Ummm..where were we?) Castle. She lived in a big castle. Oh, I got an idea. An idea. For the computer. E. E. E. (E?) I wanna sit on your lap. I want to. I wanna get on your lap. (OK.) What does this computer does? (Do.) Do? (What does it do, not does.) What are you doing? Are you doing it? (Never mind.) Are you writing another one? More letters. Web starts with B. (Web starts with W.) W. Like Will. Let's spell Will! W. I. L. L. I need to look at the letters. We need more letters. (I think we have plenty of letters.) Are you writing letters? I wanna type some letters. The blue button makes the computer turn off. I wanna type some letters. (Umm..ok.) I wanna help you. g
/'wwwiiiii where's the L? (points to L.)lllllllqqqqqqsssssssawaaaaaaazsssssssssss2212345678999999999999999990 Where's the 10? (I try to explain the finer details of double digits.) 1010101010 Why are you typing while I am typing? Don't push the M, Mom. Don't push the M!! That one and that one. 1 and 2. 113 (Super !Baby 11joins us around here.)1qwertuyyuiopaas365+6eravehqp8y HKEO5A34NEwjqnc kh9 r (We lose the screen for a minute or two.) zdlsgmkdjhrh5h65g5bhd3x 865283f (Someone opens itunes.) j;ltgevrhs ekrhy8757343689


X 5Fd
535 H+56


02 50

(WHAT...HOLD ON...ok...wait...) jdfgdhr4sg5dsf6gsdgh2

d5h6df5g6.5f6g (Super Baby loses interest and goes to play with a phone that is on the floor.) 101010122233345566778899.....Mom? (Yes?) Mom? (Yes?) Mom? (What do you need?) A diaper. (oh, OK.) Bye computer! 11111

Guess we will have to conclude (and actually start) our princess story later. See ya!

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