Sunday, May 1, 2011

Super Toddler Bedtime Story #6

Stream of consciousness Super Toddler Story. Awkward Mom is typing his masterpiece as it comes to him. (Her interruptions are enclosed and hopefully brief.)

Once upon a time there was a princess. Can I sit on your lap? Her name was Rapunzel, which is a good name. Hi. I wanna get up on your lap. (I acquiesce.) She got her hair cut. Rapunzel's hair was too long. Too long. And the princess hair is short. I like your wedding ring. It is pretty when you type. Can you finish up the story? What happened in the story? (I want you to tell me.) A bad witch came. My hair grows long. It is growing long, see? (Yes, I see. He is wearing a green towel on his head.) The bad witch poofed on her. The princess and the pea came and she went up up up in her bed, but she couldn't get up. She can't get up. She gets up on a ladder, if she likes. Her prince came. What does that spell? What are you typing? (I am typing what you are saying.) I know where these letters come from. They come from the computer. Are you writing something else? You are writing something else. Don't push the M! The M stops everything. (Really? I never heard that.) The M is sometimes a good witch, sometimes bad witch. The H is a prince, and the N is a princess. The W is a princess too. Where did this M came from? (I don't know.) It came from the computer. (What about the Rapunzel story?) It grows very very long. My hair grows but it doesn't glow. Maybe it glows at night. Can I watch Sesame Street videos on the computer? (Is your story finished?) Yes. (How do you finish it?) The End. Can I watch Sesame Street now? (Yep.)

Well, we are off to watch Sesame Street. Sweet Dreams!