Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Super Toddler Bedtime Story #7

Super Toddler illustrated this one for you; let's take a look.

Here is your narrator for this tale:

Once upon a time there was a prince. A rather handsome prince, as you can see:

This prince went to visit Rapunzel. This is Rapunzel (note the long, beautiful hair):

Rapunzel was living in the forest with an ugly old witch. Here she is:

The prince told the witch to go away, but she didn't. So he found some knights to help him out. Here they are:

The knights and the prince and Rapunzel tried really hard, but the witch was really really strong. Finally, Rapunzel said, "hey, let's ask the wizard!" So, they asked the Wizard of Oz to help out. Here he is:

The Wizard of Oz poofed that mean old witch no problem. Then he flew away in a balloon. So, Rapunzel, the Prince, and all the Knights went to the park and played on the slide.


Thanks for the colorful story, Super Toddler!

No Super Brothers were harmed in the illustrating of this tale. Painted, perhaps....but not harmed!

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