Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Awkward Mom vs. Fears

Like being a parent isn't scary enough. 

We all have fears. Well, almost all of us, but more on that in a minute. I, personally, am terrified of clowns. Awkward Dad isn't fond of roller coasters and, like most doctors, has a debilitating fear of germs. Super Kindergartener, my little over-thinker, is afraid of many things and sometimes I think it might be easier to name what he isn't afraid of. But along with a clown fear that he comes by honestly, he is afraid of thunderstorms, going too fast in the car, Darth Maul, the Halloween aisle at Target, that if you eat a cherry pit a cherry tree will grow in your stomach, horses, lions, spiders, monsters (unless Pixar had anything to do with their creation), vampires, werewolves, regular wolves, being alone, the boss level in Plants vs. Zombies, and the dark. Super Preschooler keeps things simple by just being afraid of heights. Which leads us to this one:

   She might be a tad nervous they will run out of food, but scared? 

Super Toddler is afraid of.....nothing. Not a thing. We haven't found one thing that she doesn't run toward. The girl laughs at clowns (shudder), delights in speed, did somersaults around age 1, kissed a horse on the cheek the first chance she got, dances in thunderstorms, waved to Darth Maul the first time he showed up, and is actually going as Darth Vader for Halloween. She can't go to sleep if there are lights on and I am pretty sure the child has inadvertently swallowed enough cherry pits to have her own orchard. I am convinced she could join the circus tomorrow; she is completely fearless.

I have never had a fearless child before, so this leads to some interesting developments. Like this one:

Yep; one-handed.

The horse at the grocery store has been an Awkward Family nemesis for a long time. Super Kindergartener isn't a fan due to his horse fear, and Super Preschooler isn't interested because it is too high. I have gotten so used to speeding by this fellow, least he give Super Kindergartener the evil eye, that I wasn't even sure what Super Toddler wanted when she started urgently pointing at him today. I thought maybe she wanted to rent a movie at the Red Box. Nope, turns out that she wanted to ride the grocery store horse. I almost didn't know what to do and almost said no out of instinct.

At 1 penny, the horse is a bit of a bargain, plus Wednesday is one of our girl-only mornings, so there would be no screaming and/or whining brothers in the background to distract from the equine excellence taking place. All told, I probably spent 5 cents and 10 minutes of my life to witness fearlessness in action. Totally worth it.

That said, if she wants to meet some clowns, she is on her own.

Hi-yo, Silver! Away! 


  1. Love it!! Norah loves to ride Sandy and Evie just likes to sit on it (no penny...still, at age 6.) Too funny. You go, Super Toddler!!

    1. Isn't it funny how different they all are? That said, I do find that fearlessness seems to pop up in the later children. Maybe it is how they survive their siblings. :)

  2. Wow! Awkward Grandma must be thrilled to know Super T is into horses! Even if it's just a grocery store one. :)
    By the way, she is GORGEOUS. Such a sweet face!

    1. HAHA! Check the reply under yours. Yes, Awkward Grandma is pretty thrilled. :)

      Thanks! You have some pretty cute daughters yourself, so you know.

  3. Awkward Grandma is way over the moon in excitement over this development. Tiny little horse helmets are in the offing. LOLOLOL

    1. I thought this might please you. :)