Sunday, July 6, 2014

Awkward Mom vs. Child superhero teams

So, you want to be a sidekick (i.e. parental figure), do you? Wonderful! Just a quick word on child superhero teams.....

Child superhero teams come in all shapes and sizes.You can have your lone wolf only children, your wonder-twins, your triptychs, the fantastic fours, and anything over 5 is pretty much some variation of the X-men. All have their challenges and charms.

Ones are so important and weighty; special, unique, the only one of their kind. The planet Earth, President of the United States, that birthday when your age and the date match up. Ones can be set in their ways and often lonely. But ones are also very aware of what they need, so they often have a variety of side projects and love to make guest appearances on other teams. Ones tend to be an interesting mix of flexibility and strength, and they enrich anything they are a part of.  

Two is sweet in its perfect duality; socks and eyes and pairs aplenty. The balance of a two team rivals tightrope walkers the world over. Twos can be twins or just act like them, with a shorthand all their own. There may be more infighting with no one else to buffer, but only they can fight with each other. Fight with one of a pair at your own risk; they'll defend each other with their last breath. And then use that last breath to argue with each other over exactly which of their perfectly unified methods to use to completely crush you. The choreography of a pair is as beautiful as it is deadly.  

Three is the number of things that set the world on fire: the Trinity, trimesters, dimensions, Bee Gees. Threes are unbalanced and unpredictable; they are often whirling in a disorganized mess and shouting at each other until right when the villain shows up. But that pressure seems to be all that is needed to form perfect diamond precision. The beauty of triangles is hard to describe; all hard angles and sharp edges, but within that unyielding harshness is a fierce bond. Triples are almost too much, but when they pull it off, it is a sight to behold. 

What comes in fours but items that bring balance to the force and beyond; seasons, mutant turtles, winds, wheels, A-teams, elements, states of matter, and, most importantly, Beatles. Fours can pair off, work together, or retreat to corners; much can happen within a square and much does happen. Fours are loud or deathly quiet; there is rarely subtlety here. Fours are pretty much a town in and of themselves and their self-rule is often quite effective. Fours are busy and impossible to take in all at once, but when threatened, they are a wall of power. Basically, fours are all in and they are in it to win it.

And five plus? Well, five and more is a zombie apocalypse fighting team. And there is no beating those. Duh. 

Oh, and did I mention that the team you start with isn't always the team you end up with? Yeah, enjoy those shakeups:

 No, that wasn't sarcastic. Seriously enjoy them. They are a ton of fun! 

So, Readers, who are you sidekicking for? Remember that aunting and uncleing count and teams made up completely of Kryptos are some of the strongest teams around. Merry Sidekicking! 


    Have you seen Sky High? Your supers would love it, but it also gives a lot of love to the sidekicks.

    1. I have! But the Supers have not! I shall put that on our list, you are right, they would love it!

  2. hahaha I didn't realize the first time I read this that you mention the Bee Gees. A trio of super heroes at their best. - Catherine