Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Awkward Mom and Crunchy Mom

In comics, there is a great history of team-ups. Wikipedia (a true ally of ours) defines a team-up as "when two superheroes or superhero teams who usually do not appear together fight crime together." Crime, grime, rhyme; it's all parenting and it's all awkward. We would not get through it without our beloved allies.
Let's team-up!

Hey there, True Believers! Just a quick note to tell you that we have a new ally joining us! Crunchy Mom gave us a shout the other day and we popped over to her page. We liked what we saw. Now, since we live in Ann Arbor, we are fairly familiar with hippie/crunchy/natural/holistic/granola moms. Some we like, one we love, and some scare us when they glare at our store bought granola bars. Crunchy Mom we like, she doesn't seem the glaring type. Give her a peek. Anyone brave enough to attempt homemade yogurt deserves a peek!

And now, fun pictures of the Supers, the original Awkward Allies:

Super Baby and Leia Monkey, everyone needs a sidekick.

Super Toddler self-portrait. I take it back; Super Toddler needs no sidekick.

For some of us, Superheroing is all about the costumes.

But most of the time, it is all about the snacks.

So, if you wanna team-up with us, give a shout! We need allies around here; Awkward Mom is not gonna beat parenthood by herself. She can't even get through most playdates by herself.

PS...not having a blog is no impediment to being an awkward ally...just saying. and be warned...love ya!


  1. Omg, YAY!!!! You should see the big crunchy grin on my face!!!!!! Thanks so much for the "team-up!" (Watch, that's gonna become a new meme.)

    1. Big crunchy grins are the best!

      I enjoy this team-up idea, I think I'll keep it. It being a meme would be neat too. :)