Thursday, March 8, 2012

Awkward Mom vs. Travel

What could be more awkward? How about awkward-on-the-go!

Travel is the Awkward Family's Jean Grey; powerful, exciting, and apt to change from hero to villain at a moment's notice. Go ahead, give her a peek, I'll wait. See what I mean? That lady has more going on than a multi sided dice...what? Too nerdy? Ummm...she's complex, much like our frenemy, Travel.

In a matter of seconds, travel can go from making picturesque memories with your Norman Rockwellian family in ancient and beautiful historic sites to being kicked out of Monticello because Awkward Uncle doesn't like the look of the East Portico and decides to hurl a glass bottle on the floor. (Ask Awkward Grandma, she loves telling that one) Travel is fickle and unpredictable; I suppose that is what makes her so exciting and desirable. Some of your best adventures are gonna be with Travel, but sometimes Travel is like that friend who promises to hang with you all night drinking Mai Tais, only to take off with a cute guy when you are in bathroom. I could see Jean Grey doing that....

Anyway, here's the deal: Travel and I are heading to the Ancestral Awkward Home this weekend. Awkward Dad is not coming, as he has to work. I am taking the Super Kids with me. Awkward Dad seems to think this is crazy. He doesn't trust Travel; hasn't quite forgiven her for that weird dust storm on our way to California or that time the power shorted out in his car. And he really holds a grudge when it comes to the Value Gas bathroom incident. I agree, that one was life-changing, and not in a good way. However, Awkward Grandma, 2 of the Awkward Aunts, untold Awkward Cousins, and, most importantly, Awkward Great-Grandma are all going to be in the same place. 4 generations of Awkward. I have to go, that much Awkward in one space is life a good way. Plus, I get to hang with my ally, Marvelous Mom, on the way out there! Marvelous Mom is the fearless mom to Kid Genius and Cool Toddler . If you don't know her, you might know her secret identity.

Another plus; my mother is making her clam dip. I would walk across the surface of the sun for her clam dip.

I'm serious.

So, I am gonna trust Travel. She isn't all bad. There is a reason both Wolverine and Cyclops have a thing for her. Oh wait, that's Jean Grey....but Travel can be super cool too! After all, she is the reason we met the Rest Stop Fairy Godmothers.

So, Readers, cross your fingers please; Fairy Godmother rest stops and not Value Gas ones for this trip. See ya on the flip side!

I figured I would let Super Toddler drive and the trip would take about 10 minutes.


  1. Marvelous Mom, huh? You have yet to see our "Fortress of Solitude" aka The Mess Pit. Even I'm scared!

    Can't wait to see you guys!!!

    1. Yes, Marvelous.....marvelousy messy! :)
      Can't wait!!

  2. Well if super toddler drives, you're good to go! Godspeed! ;) LOL!!